The fastest way to earn Racecraft in Grid Legends

Earn Racecraft XP in Grid Legends is not so difficult. In fact, it is just as simple as completion of races when complying with traffic rules . Having said this, the accumulation of large amounts of Racecraft can take a lot more time that, of course, can lead to ordinary routine work, when you walk there and trying to collect the remaining XP scraps.

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To maximize your chances of getting more Racecraft during the race, you will need to Tie together combo . These combinations that may consist of three or four different driving maneuvers will create multipliers, so increase your final experience .

Maneuvers for Racecraft XP

  • Drifting
  • Compilation
  • Overclock
  • Slogatka
  • Clean races
  • Cuts
  • Jumping
  • Contact
  • Following the highway
  • over speed

You can view the total number of Racecraft experience earned for the race, on the right side of the screen. The more XP you get, the more levels you can climb. Higher levels, of course, mean more privileges and opened features in the Drive to Glory career mode in Grid Legends.

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