Com2us, Summer Nourn: One-year war C2x ecosystem-based economy system disclosure

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee, Yi, “said C2x ecosystem-based economy system information to the global market, ahead of the version update of ‘Summer Nourn: Million War’ (Million War) ‘(

‘One hundred years’ is a real-time strategy battle game that utilizes numerous monsters in the global hits ‘Summer Nournzwar’ and constructs the deck and builds a thrilling battle with all the users and thrills. In recent years, Com2us has decided to update the “hundreds of years” on a Platform C2X, and has released the information on the first time through this global brand page, and has been increasing the expectations of the game and the block chain.

Com2us will introduce new goods such as ‘ancient decision’ and ‘horsepower’ in ‘hundreds of years’. Users can create new monsters and deck combinations to enhance the ancient runes’ reinforcement, which acquires new reproduction and collected goods through play, and to play a core role in monster growth.

I think im addicted to summoning..

In the global area, except for some countries, including the e-wallet ‘C2x Station’, we can exchange ‘magic flour’ and ‘ancient decision’ to ‘C2X’ and ‘Million War’ unique digital token, ‘LCT’, ‘C2X’ and ‘LCT’ are also will be implemented as a protocol economy that can be interchangeable.

Com2us is a policy that introduces new goods and content to the ‘hundreds of years’ and growing more highly engraving monsters and a world class web 3.0 game that provides fun.

Meanwhile, Com2us is actively assaulting the Global Web 3.0 Games market through a C2X platform, which is well prepared in group levels. From this year, “Million War”, ‘Summer Nourn: Chronicle’, ‘Colossus M Jingley’, ‘World of Genoia’, ‘Golf Star’, and ‘Golf Star’, It is scheduled to be present and plans to expand ecosystems with more diverse lineups in the future.

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