Warcraft for mobile: The game filtered on a thousand occasions will be officially presented very soon

Instead of a port vulgar one of its existing games, Blizzard seems to want to innovate in the field of mobile devices. It is true that it is the Warcraft franchise that will be mobilized for this future mobile game, but the aspects and characteristics of the game themselves are still very mysterious for fans.

According to the road map published very little by Blizzard, we should have an advance of the future mobile title in May 2022 , this year. However, there is no precise date for the announcement, nor logo and much less art that makes us think about what is coming. The surprise could well be total.

we do not know more than it will be free

Developers have saved a complete secret about this future mobile game about Warcraft. We do not know if it will be an RPG, an RTS, a self-Battler or perhaps a miniature MMO. Everything we have known so far with almost certainty is that it will be free, with optional microtransaccles . It must be said that on the mobile it is very difficult not to go through this economic model, which is very widespread and that has demonstrated its effectiveness in the past. Other options would end up with a much smaller players base.

Skeptics of mobiles

World of Warcraft Officially Coming To Mobile!!!

During the last four years, many Blizzard fans have not hidden their distrust in the company’s mobile ports plans. The ghost of pay to win pursues us some of us, so it is a safe bet that publisher is trying to reassure everyone and do things well.

The coexistence between this future game of Warcraft for mobile phones and the great classics of the franchise would logically should be done without stumbles or betrayals. As much as it was a drama what happened with Immortal Devil.

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