Elden Ring: How to get to the mountain peaks of the giants

The mountain peak of the giant is the northernmost area of ​​Lands Between. It’s your next main goal if you want to go through the main history of Elden Ring. You can be confused as you can get into the snow-covered area of ​​the game. How to get to the mountain peaks of the giants in Elden Ring.

How to get to the mountain peaks of giants in Elden Ring

This works similar if they arrived in Leyndell, the royal capital. You must take a Grand Lift for which a medallion is required to get into a whole new, extensive area. The MountainTops of the Giants, however, is a bit different. The area to which you get is the Grand Lift of Rold, northwest of Forbidden Lands Site of Grace.

When you reach Rold, you can get depending on the medallion used in two different areas in the mountain peaks of the giants. The first medallion you get to access to the main area is just called Rold Medallion. You can get this after you have defeated Morgott, the Omenknig. If you unlock the Site of Grace in this location, you have the opportunity to talk to Melina. You will give you this key element.

ELDEN RING - How to get to Mountaintops of the Giants (Location and Guide)

The alternative option is to obtain the parts of the secret Haligtree medallion. Similar to the left and right part of the Grand Lift from Dectus, you must collect two parts to unlock the secret mechanism at ROD. The left medallion piece can be found in Castle Sol after Commander Niall has been defeated. The right medallion piece can be found by interacting with Albus, an NPC, which appears outside the village of the Albinaurik site of grace in Liurnia.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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