The best way to spice the early hours of Elden Ring is to play it like Bloodborne

After touching none of the Dark Souls games before jumping in Elden Ring, I felt a bit intimidated from the play style of the series. Instead of trying to understand the proven combat style of these games – so with a sword in one and a shield in the other hand – I started my run by the Lands Between first with a build in the Bloodborne style. And it actually worked much better than I expected.

At first I was not so enthusiastic about the weapon I started as a confessor, so I started experimenting with everything I could get into my fingers. At some point I decided for the threshard. I quickly realized that this was certainly one of the best early-game weapons in Elden Ring, so it felt like I found gold.

With his blood loss structure, the opponents inflict additional damage if I meet them successively, I realized that the healthcubs that were removed every few seconds, the gameplay and the fight accelerated significantly. The game felt quite similar to Bloodborne, where fast action is rewarded.

In addition, the mechanics reminded me of landing several hits and overwhelming their enemies, as they were able to recover lost health by contacting Bloodborne directly after taking damage. Granted, in Elden Ring you do not return health, but the fast attacks of the threshold accelerated the entire camphor experience.

Then I randomly stumbled across the Quickstep Ash of was one of the many NPC locations scattered on the map. It turned out that this was a great complementary tool for my threshard, and when I let her run together, I had the feeling that Elden Ring could be played quite as Bloodborne, if you wanted, and you did not want to play in a specific game style How Demon’s Soul would force and dark souls.

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While I still had a shield at hand, I occasionally dropped him for a rod so I could act here and there a few light magic. Then, with a few well-tensioned evasive maneuvers, I was able to get into attacks and throw out, getting hits, where I could, and to use Quickstep to insert a breather.

This simple construction made the game in its early hours so much exciting and action-hit. And all this thanks to this Bloodborne-like builds. It also allowed me to play in a way that I found familiar before I slowly crossed a less aggressive style of play.

I love a good dose of rapid action and the sleshhead and Quickstep messenger that in Elden Ring. Although I moved later in the game to Moonveil-Katana and a more magic-oriented role, I still have a few traces of this hectic, action-packed Bloodborne fight style in my playing style. The moon veil Katana also acts as a Defacto firearm of Bloodborne with his ranged lunch, which I can emit with his ability.

The fact that these rapid builds work in Elden Ring is proof of how customizable the game is. You can get any class you want to run in Elden Ring: Wizard Builds, Only-Dragon Summon Builds, No Armor Only Melee Builds or just a simple and traditional sword and shield.

It has been much about the accessibility of Elden Ring with the open world, ghosts, the ability to overlay and more; But from Software really manages to fulfill the true open-world-RPG promise in ELDen Ring by allowing them to create a character so as they want it, and allows them to play their own unique way – Even if this way is just like one of the other masterpieces from FROMSoftware.

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