Charlie Cox talks about the possible return of Daredevil to TV

After it was confirmed that Charlie Cox will remain the DAREDEVIL of MCU , the fans die by knowing when we will see this character again. We already had the first cameo of it in Spider-Man: No Way Home, But eventually, this hero should appear on your own solo project.

PLATING WITH MURPHY ‘S Multiverse, Cox revealed what he would like to see in the new series or movie after Netflix has canceled the project in its third season. Basically, the actor does not want to resume that same story.

“I want this Dredevil to become aware with what happened in the MCU. It would be a good time to allow us to spend the years. It is a reimagination. It’s a bit different. It is a ‘Renaissance’ “.

Considering everything that has happened in this cinematographic universe since then, Daredevil will have to get up with many things and it would definitely be interesting to know this version of the character. Be that as it is, Disney You have to put on your batteries and give you a new series or movie as soon as possible.

DAREDEVIL in MCU: Multiverse Variant Finally Confirmed!

Editor’s Note: Daredevil was one of the best Series of Netflix, and its cancellation was definitely hurt. I hope that under Disney, this character can return shortly with some project that is really worthwhile.

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