GTA Online: How to get free $ 100,000 and the Black Adjustable Hat SA

In GTA Online you will find yourself with a multitude of different activities with which you can spend your time in the saints, although some of time some of them make a series of special prizes. That is why in the following guide we are going to tell you what you will have to do for get free the black adjustable cap and $ 100,000 .

How to get free 100,000 dollars and the black adjustable cap

Among the various jobs that will be available through the city we can find short trips. With them the players will help Lamar that the business of sale of Marijuana Legal becomes more popular, so it will touch you ** Visit the Studios Record Smoking Room to meet these tasks, although you can also select them from The activity menu.

The reason why short trips are so important because thanks to them you will receive the succulent amount of $ 100,000 along with the black adjustable cap. Only will suffice with a short trip before March 23 to receive these great prizes for free.

In addition, another great reason of weight to not pass from this activity is the fact that to successfully fulfill any short trip you will win twice a few dollars , so you have work ahead for the next few days.

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