Casual Sea Battle RPG “BUCCANEERS!” [Bakuple play repo] [BUCCANEERS! “[Bakus play repo] [BUCCANEERS!”

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be “explosion play repo” that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, Skyward Digital Developed, Valkyrie Initiative has become a publisher, and I would like to deliver live content about “ buccaneers! ” released from STeam on March 8, 2022.

# What is “Buccaneers!”

Now that the name of the Named Pirate has turned around the Caribbean, now the old story. The United States was independent, and France has begun to hear the sound of the revolution The Caribbean Sea was peace itself… but the new pirates that appear suddenly begin to ruin the sea. The hero who is a British navy officer starts a survey of actual conditions for pirate retirement…. It will be the story of this work to open the curtain with a prologue such as.

The players belong to one of the four sides of different bonuses, enhancing the ship with a variety of upgrades and organizing the fleet, and fight from the firefeet to the board of the coastal fortress from the fire battle to the attack of the coastal fortress Do not compete for supremacy in the Caribbean. This work is a strong work such as RPG ** that can be played casually rather than saying Skill Tree and Quest Progress, etc.

# Prologue is under the flag of the British Empire Navy that is prosperous

If you turn on the “Prologue Quest” on the setting item at the start of the campaign, you will start the tutorial battle with a pirate ship.

Since it is suddenly hit by the production without practice, it is said that this is a powerful Tier 4 frigate ship from the beginning of the Daiko Empire, so it will win only by shooting the cannon according to the guide displayed. It is safe. However, since only the minimum bombardment tutorial, it is also a hand to shoot various guns and try the sense of deviation shooting.

Return to Nassau, which is his mother’s port, and the governor who received report from the hero does not hide the surprise to the report of pirate appearance, but even though there is no evidence, it is safe. He is ordered to capture a pirate ship to grabbing the confirmation. On the other hand, it is a tutorial to take away in a white soldier fight without shooting an enemy ship. Since it is the most important part in the early matter of the early stages, it is necessary to learn well here.

The enemy ship captured here can also be a ship encountered with a random encounter, or can be a ship selected from the prize list on the left side of the governor. However, the latter is the appearance position is displayed immediately in the chart, and it would be advantageous as you can get a prize. It is said that the re-emergence of pirates is very well known to bet on a specific pirate ship, is it very well known.

In order to generate a white soldier match to capture enemy ships, it is necessary to tear the sail in a ber-shot shape in the form of dumbbells and make it impossible to go on behalf of the rush, and to close each other’s vessels. Also, if you have a room in one-to-one situation, you can work with a shot before getting in and to reduce the number of enemy soldiers.

By the information obtained by capturing the enemy ship, the governor who can not read the handbook is finally recognized that the threat of pirate re-emergence is recognized, and the main character will give the main character to the port city that is the pirate’s root castle. I ordered it. He is a tutorial of the procedure to capture the port belonging to the hostile camp.

After destroying enemy ships and feathers, we will win the landing combat with the Marine Corps and win by taking a fort! It is as it is in the victory celebration at the bar.

No, I was surprised at the sudden pirate, but I was not enough to fear the people of the injury, the British Empire Banma! If you are drunk on a toughening of victory and winning, it is likely, something is sleepy….

# Voyage of counterattack starting from the bottom of Don

When the main character who has been sleeping asleep after the victory celebration is wake up, there is a jail. Masae’s British soldier Mysterious Pirate Diego Salvador ** The UK’s control area, including Nassau, has fallen in the hand of the pirates, and the protagonist fleet and military fund (finally the experience value and the skills acquired It is said that all) have been robbed.

From the state of being pulled down to such a don, the game main story is finally started. When you turn off the prologue quest in the setting before startup, you can start from here suddenly.

After jailbreaking and taking a pirate’s small boat and shook the chairperson, and after having a breath, “Since the large Poka is removed, it will be a large Poka, so if you return to the British navy, you may be able to put the military law meeting…” Make a choice of the camp to belong to the end. Each seat ship has a distinctive buff, but that point is We recommend that you choose your favorite camp without much concern. .

This is the characteristic that is the characteristic granted to the ship itself . If you purchase a new one in a ship yard, of course, a ship that has a buff of the side you belong is available, but if you capture the enemy’s ship, the side of the ship originally belonged to the ship. Because it will be with a buff done, you can choose your favorite characteristics later. As a result of the authors who were fascinated by the fleet, there was no one of his own ships in the fleet, and the self-run buff that I felt in fact, when I was aware of it rice field.

“I’m going to go wild in the Caribbean Since I’m going to be a pirate!” And I will choose a pirate camp for easy reasons, and head to the former Mother Port to join the Pirate Federation to bundle the pirates. According to the story of the piracy fleet fleet commander, Salvador seems to be a considerable anarchy pirate that is also spared from the Pirate Federation, and the hero aiming for his revenge is that you can accept it as a member of the Pirate Federation. However, the ship he has only one bus and only a small size, and first you have to get the power of the pirate operation to Matomo and allow the Pirate Federation to recognize the power.

# Pairness is poor, and even if it puts it on it!

Well, the experience value and money begins to be the captain that can be recognized by the Pirate Federation, but In the early stages will always be suffering from funding . Anyway, the repair cost of the ship that has been damaged in the bombardment is heavy anyway! If you are repeating a letter of competition, you may get upgraded far and you may be completely crazy.

In order to avoid deficit at repair costs, you need to gradually increase the level while fighting the weak awards and the timeta fighting while fighting for a safety first battle. The most priced board is forced to repeat the work of the work, but promotes skill tree with the experience value that earns Blue tree “fleet capacity plus” and * red tree “enemy boat capture” * If you get , a fun and enjoyable pirate life will open from there anymore.

Since the enemy ship that you robenged in a white soldier battle can be sold at a fairly good price It is substantially the winning of the prize . In addition, if the enemy is using a latter ship, it is also possible to use a means of selling a second-hand ship and switching it to it, so it is also used as a “enemy boat capture” skill, and the Pirate Federation is here as a strength. The lowest line to be recognized can be easily jumped.

Subsequently, to participate in the strategy to take away the hostile port as the final exam for the Pirate Federation. However, it is not very smart to put a gori push capture from the front of a small-scale pirate, a prologue, a strong fleet like a prologue. This is a pirate and it sneaks secretly in the middle of the night, and in advance a variety of destructive works Let’s put out the enemy with brain play .

The protagonist that ended with a newly won a newly won a new victory party in a prisoner, and the protagonist that has ended in a prisoner is a voyage of revenge to Salvatol, under the flag of the pirate federation. It is. So, the experience cancellation notice of Chapter 1 clear was popped.

in conclusion

Even though there is also a minute that he had leveling on the way, the play time until the prologue and the first chapter clear was about 7 hours. Even now, there is a prize winter fleet, including the upper warship that is difficult to win, and there is a full-fledged battle battle and the battle with Salvador, and the volume of this work for the price is very large increase. Above all, it is very possible to have a casual RPG that has not loses the playfeel as a sea batt game.

However, when the judgment of the passing board becomes strange and the enemy ship can not be transferred, and the AI ​​ship will be felting to the island during the port control, and the landing of the fort is destroyed by the Port. In order to do players were also spontaneously found, and there were many unfortunately as a .

While expecting that such part is expected to improve with the update, I would like to continue the voyage to kill the hate Salvador using a big fleet that is far from the prologue when the enemy boat capture ferging is obtained repeatedly. increase.

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