How to perform all bartender tests in the GENSHIN IMPACT OF-DRINK-A Event

Of-Drink-A-Dreaming is the first Genshin Impact Bartense event that gives you the opportunity to test your beverage mixing skills in your own institution Angel’s Share Monstadt. The event passes with from March 10, 2022 to March 21, 2022 .

During the event, you can pass a series of bartender calls, where you must serve customer stream for the allotted time. In each test, certain recipes will be presented, but customer requests are random, so you need to monitor their setup requests.

Details of the game process Bartender Challenge

To start this game mode, click the “Barmen call” button in the Event menu located in the “Tavern Stories” section. Speak with Luka in front of an angel share To teleport you inside. After talking with Charles and tell him what you want to take part in Bartender Challenge.

There are four tests that need to be performed sequentially. Your goal is to score at least 300 points to get Primogem award, and 500 points to get all the awards.

You have three minutes Perform as more orders as possible. Each order has time limit. If you spend too much time, your queue will be filled with a large number of orders, and each of their deadlines will be ticked. Successful order will bring you 100 points, and if you do not make the right drink, you have to repeat the attempt until you do it right or until the timer expires.

10/10 would drink again

During this test, you will mainly serve the sunset of a gray valley, sunset, foam reef, snowy kiss and an atheume. Do not forget to follow Preferred Couple Size ! In addition, they can request the following settings:

  • Ateneum

    • Coffee x3.
    • Very strong: +1 Coffee
  • Sunset Gray Valley

    • Juice x3.
    • Very strong: +1 Juice
  • foam reef

    • Coffee X2.
    • Carbonated water x1
    • Additional hissing: +1 Shot water
  • Snow-covered Kiss

    • Juice X2.
    • Milk x1
    • Extra milk: +1 milk

How To Play: Of Drink A-Dreaming Day 1 Event Guide | Tavern Tales & Bartending Event Genshin Impact

Top of etiquette

During this test, you will mainly serve the lunar alley, birch juice, the poem about love, the Golden Eden, the dawn dew and a bright crown. Do not forget to follow Preferred Couple Size ! In addition, they can request the following settings:

  • Birch juice

    • Juice X2.
    • Lemon x1
    • Sour Side: +1 Lemon
  • bright crown

    • Tea x1
    • Milk X2.
  • Dawn dew

    • Juice X2.
    • Carbonated water x1
    • Additional carbonated water: +1 carbonated water
  • Golden Eden

    • Coffee X2.
    • Milk x1
    • Extra milk: +1 milk
  • Love poem

* Tea x1
* Milk x1
* Caramel X1.
* Extra Sweet: +1 Caramel
* Extra milk: +1 milk
  • Moon Alley
    • Coffee X1.
    • Milk x1
    • Cocoa paste x1
    • Extra milk: +1 milk
    • Additional cocoa paste: +1 cocoa paste

Return in the coming days to learn how to cook drinks for the rest of the bartender tests. In the meantime, see our leadership on how to cook all Beverage Tavern Tales in the Genshin Impact of-Drink-A-Dreaming event to treat friends from Monstadt and Liue.

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