Introduction to Europe, including Intel, Germany,

Intel said that we will invest a total of 80 billion euros (about 109 trillion won) (about 109 trillion won) (about 109 trillion won) (about 109 trillion won), and we will establish a new semiconductor ecosystem throughout Europe (USA). In the meantime, it is intended to distribute semiconductor production capabilities that have been balanced in Asia, such as Taiwan TSMC.

Intel announced the “IDM 2.0” strategy to further go to a semiconductor comprehensive enterprise last March, and started building a large-scale semiconductor production facility in non-Asia, including the United States and Europe.

Pat Gel Singer Intel CEO visited the major countries in April last year and choose his candidate.

■ Established new production facilities from next year in Germany

Intel has reviewed Germany at the past year in Europe. Last year, in June, the West of Bavaria Munich was considered to be a positive candidate.

The place of Intel discovered is Magdeburg, the German Saxony. Intel will establish a new semiconductor production facility in the first half of 2023 (about 23 trillion won) (about 23,280 billion won).

This facility produces an antstromer product that refers to a fine process of 0.1 nm (nanometer) since 2027.

As with the US OHIO main production facilities in the US OHIO main production facilities in the US, we use the “RibbonFET) and Power Transfer Technology ‘Power Via’ (PowerVIA).

■ Irish production facilities are also expanding 2 times in 16 trillion

How Germany Became Europe's Richest Country
Intel decided to increase the manufacturing space in the semiconductor production facility in the northeastern Reef slip of the Ireland (2023). In the expansion business, we invest 12 billion euros (about 16,400 billion won).

In this facility, the Tile Structure (Meteor Lake) is produced in the EUV (extreme infrared)-based Intel 4 process.

Intel also said, “It is negotiated with the government for the process production facility in Italy and said that 4.5 billion euros (about 6,100 billion won) was added when the negotiation was concluded.”

It is approximately 3.3 billion euros (45,800 billion won) when all combined with all German and Ireland and Italian investment.

■ Development of collaboration with European University, Laboratory

Intel, as well as various production facilities, as well as various universities and research institutes in Europe, decided to expand the R & D capacity in Europe.

The French Platod Sakla region has established a research and development hub, responsible for designing high-performance computing and AI (artificial intelligence). In addition, the Poland Gdansk area intelligent is extended to Double Scale, aimed at 2023.

In addition, along with this, Belgian Materials, the University of IMEC, the Netherlands, College, Germany, and the German Protue Hopper Institute. It also established a co-research institute with Barcelona Super Computing Center.

■ Next generation of next generation of production facilities for the next 5 years Road map completion

Through the announcement of the investment plan, Intel completed the next-generation production facility roadmap, which leads to Magdeburg in 2027, after 2023 (Intel 4) and 2025 in Magdeburg in 20027,

In addition, he has also secured a semiconductor production base in Germany, which is relatively stable, relative to Taiwan TSMC, which holds an earthquake or frequent power supply, and a geopolitical risk.

In the foundry business that is promoted as part of the IDM 2.0 strategy, it was easier to catch the reliable production of advanced process products.

■ Appointment of $ 62.5 billion from the seconds… 80% of sales last year

Intel announced that it has invested two or more of a total of $ 20 billion (about 23,850 billion won) from the second half of this year,

In the early February, the Risk V (RISC-V) (RISC-V), which is a standardized organization (ISA) standardized organization (ISA), has invested $ 1 billion (about 12 trillion won) to support the foundry start-up. In addition, a total of $ 5.4 billion in Tower Semiconductor acquisition for expansion of production facilities.

If the European euro is a new investment amount, the amount to be spending in the future is about $ 62.5 billion (about 77,830). This corresponds to about 80% of Intel sales ($ 79 billion, about 98 trillion won) last year.

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