Tunic: What to do after getting the three colored keys

You spend most of your tunic time looking for the three gems of colors, or keys as the game calls them, which apparently lack in the great structure similar to an artifact in the center of the hall with the golden doors, which you will find. They have opened playing the bell tower and west. However, once you have them, you are probably wondering what is supposed to do with them and then where it is supposed to go after that. Here is all you need to know about What to do after getting all the colored keys in tunic .

What to do with the colored keys

Once you get the third and last key of color from the most distant places in the world, you should return to the large living room through the golden doors that previously opened.

In the interior, you will find the large artifact with some rotating metal parts in the center. Around the edges of this, you will find three slots in which you must place the three colored keys.

You can do this by walking towards one of the slots in the corners and pressing A and then confirming that you want to do what the old language says in the text box.

After this, a small animation will be played and then you will have control of the action again… except that you actually do not tell you where you are supposed to go next.

Where to go after getting all the colored gems in tunic

To continue with the story, you must go to the center area of ​​the portal, standing in one of the golden plates of the portal on the floor and pressing and holding up for three seconds.

Once in the central world, he walks towards the medium gold plate and presses A.

This will take you to a Battle of Heades, so be sure to be prepared… although it will not necessarily help you.

After that, some things will take place in scenes and you will be ready to continue with your adventure.

That’s all you need to know about where to go after get the colored keys in Tunic . To get more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search structure similar or see more of our game coverage below.

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