Star Trek Discovery: So dramatic is the final of Season 4

In 2022, the Star Trek franchise receives a lot of attention. Only recently is the second season of Star Trek: Picard started and the reboot to Start Trek 4 was finally officially confirmed and that without the knowledge of the actors. But that’s not enough, there is also a first gameplay trailer for Star Trek: Resurgence. Today the final of the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery appeared. We reveal you what happened. Attention, spoiler in the march!

That happens in the final of the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery

The universe is just before a war , but only clever diplomacy through the crew of the discovery can be prevented a violent conflict. For this you have to justify the deeds of Tarka before the species 10-C and so save the planet earth and Ni’var before destruction.

Tarka try to kill Discovery bridge crew - Star Trek Discovery 4x09

At the beginning of the episode, Book and Tarka are on the way to destroy the Dark Matter Anomaly , short DMA. Meanwhile, your shuttle is out of control and it seems like Book Tot. In retrospect, however, it becomes clear that the species 10-C could prevent this. Tarka has to sacrifice for salvation. After the 10-C has seen the destructiveness of the DMA with his own eyes, they agree to use them anymore. The negotiations were a success, Michael and President Rillak can prevent the downfall of Ni’var and the earth.

All’s well that ends well?

Book has promoted the conveyation and must help balance with the residential residents who destroyed by the anomaly. The viewer is left with the question of whether he and Michael meet again. Also the love story about Saru and T’rina find no satisfactory end . Although they confess their love, they separate their ways at the same time. She has a planet politically to represent and he must serve aboard a spaceship, which runs around the expanses of space.

When will Season 5 appear from Star Trek Discovery?

Answer to the questions, whether the Turtle pigeons will experience their happy ending and how it continues around the crew of the USS Discovery, we will probably learn only in Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery . This is already confirmed and could still appear with a little luck this year in Winte r.

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