TurkGücü: Partial point deduction legally

Nine points are to be deducted Turkkücü because of the insolvency application made at the end of January, with another two-counter deduction, the DFB had punished the third division because of a circulation violation – and this is now legally binding.

As the Association announced on Friday, the Munich “have no further objection to the decision of the relevant DFB GmbH & Co. KG in the context of the deadline. The association had received the edition, “to close a liquidity gap until the end of January 2022”. However, he could not prove this as DFB explains: “The gap was concluded at less than 50 percent, so that the club was deducted in accordance with the guidelines in the DFB Statute 3. League two profit points.”

Call to the table end

This reduces the score account of the clock noted to rank 16 from 32 to 30 meters (the current table of the 3rd league). If the nine-point deduction, to which the Münchner were convicted on the basis of the DFB play order (paragraph 6, No. 6), are finalized, the previous year’s upcomers would have only 21 points and would go to the table end with then twelve counter fall back to the saving shore.

Whether it comes to it, the DFB Presidium decides that the matter must take on the opposition Turkückücüs.

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It is still unclear whether TurkGücü Munich plays the season as planned. Most recently, rumors had rummaged, the club prematurely returned from the game operation, which would have massive impact on the rise and relegation battle in the 3rd league. Next weekend, the team of coach Alexander Heraf at Wehen Wiesbaden.

Preview: SV Wehen Wiesbaden – TurkGücü Munich

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