FC Bayern against Villarreal

Bavaria sports council Hasan Salihamidzic has taken note of the draw of the Champions League quarterfinal with a smile. The FCB CEO Oliver Kahn and coach Julian Nagelsmann, however, warned before the opponent. The reactions.

Bavaria must initially compete abroad at the FC Villarreal in the quarter-finals of the royal class on 6 April. The second leg will take place on April 12 in Munich. In the semifinals, the Munich would meet the winner of the duel between Benfica and Liverpool.

In the quarter-finals, the cracker between the defending champion FC Chelsea and Real Madrid, Manschester City fights atletico Madrid to enter the semifinals. We summarize the reactions to the draw.

Oliver Kahn (CEO FC Bayern): “Villarreal has shown in the second round, what you are able to be able to. For this reason we must be warned and tackle this task with full concentration. Nobody is allowed to believe that the two simple Games will! “

Hasan Salihamidzic (sports board FC Bayern): “In Turin with 3: 0 win, is not so easy and a big surprise. I also played in Turin and knows how hard it is to win there. We take the Task and want to get there, very clear. Villarreal is ancient European League winner, which is a good team, no question. We are the FC Bayern and drive with much self-confidence there. “We will not underestimate them.”

_… About a possible semi-final against Benfica or Liverpool: _ “It is important that you first play out there. We will enhance the opponent, but we know all the players. It is not so hard to develop a match plan against these guys “

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern): “I have followed the draw with the team. Villarreal is our next opponent. We look forward to it. It’s a hard going on. We have to fight for the last minute to get every ball. And we definitely want to come to the next round. The Champions League feeling is always nice. Ko-round, ladies and gentlemen! “

Nagelsmann: “There would have been heavier lots

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern): “To win against Juve 3: 0, you have to do that first. Of course we should have the right to get on. There would have been heavier lots. But the two games have to play first become. Especially the away win of Villarreal in Turin was a real exclamation point. Our claim still needs to be progressing. “

_… About possible semi-finals against Benfica or Liverpool: _ “I do not find it right now to continue to paint the way. This is more of a topic for our travel agency and the planning of the planning. From trainee view it’s about this game first to play. If you want the players to be in here and now and to bring their performance on day X, it would also be advisable as a coach to stay on day X and not to think about day y or z. It is important that you stay in day-to-day business and does not think too much to other topics. “

UNAI EMERY (coach FC Villarreal): “It will be a tough game. We are very happy and look forward to playing there. If you are in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, you have very demanding opponents, every opponent is difficult. We will use our strengths and enjoy the game under competitive aspects. “

Marcos Senna (ex-player and ambassador Villarreal): “We have it with one of the favorites. We see the comparison with enthusiasm and the desire for fun.”

Villarreal vs. Bayern Munich: Champions League Quarterfinal Preview & Prediction | CBS Sports Golazo

Tuchel about real: “big challenge”

Thomas Tuchel (coach FC Chelsea): “The challenge can not be greater than to deny the second leg with many spectators in the Bernabeu. It is a big challenge, but there is also a great excitement around this game. We know So, what comes to us and it will be an exciting game. “

_… about that, an English team gone out of the way: _ “That’s not important, but it’s always nice because it’s European evenings. It is always nice to play against European teams and not in this phase Against the teams, against which one has already played so often in national competition. “

Pep Guardiola (Trainer Manchester City): “You have gone through an incredibly hard group stage and against United they were more than 180 minutes ago. In the first leg in Madrid they played a fantastic first half. This is a team that is a team that is what she is. The second leg is even more complicated. But the best eight teams in Europe sin all difficult. There is a lot of work against Atletico to think about the next round. ”

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