Wow-Guide: Rygelon in the RAID Mausoleum of the first (LFR, normal, heroic)

Again, you actually only have to do with a boss, but would have to attack regularly scorching quasare and unstable matter. It is not even so important to cause a lot of damage. It is much more crucial that you get the damage at the right time on the adds. Because these must die at the right time, otherwise you die! In general, here again applies: The amount of skills is quite manageable, and they are easy to understand – whoever makes mistakes, usually lets all the RAID wipe. Although Rygelon has only one phase, but regularly attracts themselves into another level, which one could see as an intermediate phase or the like.

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Rygelon Boss Guide - Normal/Heroic Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid

Rygelon short guide

  • Do not let you meet from the black lines!
  • Kills the quasare before reaching the boss!
  • With black arrow over your head you have to go to one of the small, black surfaces!
  • Kill mighty bang an unstable matter!
  • Stands at mighty bang in one of the small circles!

Rygelon – Video Short Guide

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complicated and easy

The fight against the constellor and its cosmic forces sounds incredibly complicated. Anyone who tries to find something here in the adventurer leader scrolls through no ending lists of skills. In practice, however, the fight is much easier to understand, even if he is not easy for a long time. The tanks must pay attention to the whole fight over the use of their active migration. Because per corrupted bumps distributed Rygelon thick trowels and all non-mitigated damage additionally comes as a dot for the next few seconds on top. Those who attentively play here, the healers relieves the healers enormously. Since the effect is also stackable, here again a tank change is due.
Dogging the black lines sounds hard. But the beasts come as often and so fast that you really do not have a moment inattentive and always have an eye on it. Source: small
In addition, the boss always covers the soil with black lines from which you should run out of your puzzle as it causes high damage if you meet you. Although the lines come very common and trigger pretty quickly, you should probably not make any major problems.

Floating Quasare

The main mechanism of the normal phase consists of the right handling of the quasars and associated debuffs. The boss regularly summons six quasars. These small floating balls slowly move to the boss and must not reach him. Do you do that, then your massive area damage suffers and the boss buffs a whopping 30 percent, which is hard to survive. You can slow down the floating balls, but not very long, as a stackable buff on them gradually prevents them. So you have to kill the quasars before that happens. If you kill a quasar, then a small black area remains very important for eight seconds.

Dark debuffs

The other part of the mechanics is the debuff darkening . These receive some players, and after the expiration of 15 seconds the debuff explodes and causes almost fatal damage to all players. You can prevent you by removing the debuff before expiration. This turns only in a kind. Player with the debuff must run through the small black surfaces that remain from the quasars. This removes the debuff and causes only very small area damage. Here is good timing asked. The Quasars may no longer be alive when the debuffs come. On the other hand, you should not die as fast as the puddles have already disappeared. In normal case, however, it is enough if your remote fighters swing briefly and the couple only actively go to the quasars when they are shortly before the boss. In heroic mode it is even trickier. Since the puddles disappear, if a player touches them – whether debuff or not, it does not matter.
If it gets hectic, the quasars often advised forgotten. However, these must not achieve the boss and must be played by your damage offices until the last second of the fight. Source: small you can get rid of the debuff with the help of a puddle, then a ring creates around you, who explodes after a few seconds. So you should quickly get out of the group so that you do not meet any other player. This mechanics repeatedly repeats itself over the duration of the fight and is the A and O for success.

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