The SIMS 4: updates for neighborhood stories

Electronic Arts and Maxis announce new content for SIMS 4 including updates for the neighborhood stories system. The published update contains a number of gameplay enhancements with which neighborhood sims that do not live in the active household, more life is humky.

The first great innovation involves life changes for all neighborhood Sims, regardless of their relationship with the active household. The new neighborhood stories system brings interesting, autonomous changes throughout the world with themselves, the neighborhood Sims provide more comprehensive and more intensive life events that evolve over time. These include:

  • Young Sims (from the baby to toddler) adopt in household
  • Become pregnant and get a child

  • Adopting a dog or a cat
  • Take a career or leave; Older Sims can go in pension
  • Draw on land and move
  • In different types of accidents come to life, depending on age, characteristics and career

The second great innovation brings new gameplay commands with which players: set inside, which life changes can survive their neighborhood sims and which are not. The neighborhood stories system can be configured in different ways:

The Sims 4: ALL ABOUT STORY PROGRESSION & MORE! (March 2022 Update)
* Independent configurations: Players: Indoor can enable or deactivate any type of living change and even disable all neighborhood stories in certain households.
* Standard: Neighborhood stories can be activated for “other households” and will be deactivated for “my households”.
* Budget-specific configurations: Each household can have its own configuration, so player: can make life changes that make sense for the history of the household.
* Activate or disable settings globally: Neighborhood stories can also be completely deactivated in the game options.

Over an interaction on each mailbox, Simmer: inside the latest neighborhood stories on to keep all changes in view. Alternatively, players can visit the Neighborhood Sims, to visit the life changes live.

Further information about the new neighborhood stories system is available in the official blog post.

Other new content expects simmer: inside the Sims 4 Maximistic residential style set, with the simple room can be transformed thanks to expressive, versatile objects in sources of inspiration.

The collection impresses with brave and colorful furnishing elements according to maximum design principles that offer a little of everything.

The Maximistic Residential Style Set appears on March 21 for PC and Mac via Origin and Steam, Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5 and Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

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