Farsky Interactive announces all title deletion from Steam-representative work “Farsky” etc.

Farsky Interactive announces all titles “ THE Free ONES ” “ SKY BREAK ” “ Farsky ” that the studio has been handed from the Steam Store, and announced to delete “ Farsky ” in April 202 did.

Farsky Interactive is a game development studio with Tim Spekler, and has been involved in title such as Open World Survival “Farsky” since 2014. However, in 2018, the studio tweeted that you have not developed the game. The official site also announces the same notice, “I’m not working and internship”.

In this presentation, in addition to deletion of title deletion, “game development was a harsh journey”, but it has been described that we have worked with passion safely in all titles. The studio said that many of the games have been delivered to many of the games with many games. “

In addition, “The Free Ones” and “Farsky” are being sent until 2 am on March 22. “The title purchased 4 months ago is not deleted”, so if you are interested, check this machine?

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