What is Bifrost and what he does in Lost Ark explained

Lost Ark Bifrost Beginners Guide | New Player Tutorial | Create Your Own Fast Travel Locations
Bifrost is a teleportation system used in Lost Ark. It opens as the main plot passing, and the players will receive their first Birfrost slot around at the same time when they receive a license to a transport vessel.

Bifrost allows players Go to other points of preservation around the world of Arkeseia. They are very similar to the stone of the hearth in World of Warcraft, as the player will instantly teleport in any registered place.

There are three bifrost slots that can be unlocked throughout the game, and there are two more to get the advantages of Crystalline Aura. To unlock two other Bifrost slots, players need to get IGNEA tokens. They are awarded to achieve 100% completion in this area.

Access to the Bifrost menu can be obtained either through the Adventure tab in the lower right corner of the screen, or by pressing Alt + W. On this screen, players can save their locations in Bifrost slots or go to one of the saved places. However, Bifrost recovery time is two hours, so it is better to distribute these slots among important, but not necessarily frequently visited areas.

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