A Place For The Unwilling is now available in Consoles

A PLACE FOR THE UNWILLING , the ambitious narrative adventure of Alpixel Games that premiered on PC in 2019, is now available in consoles.

This new version takes the game to Switch, Xbox and PlayStation without great news, beyond the jump to new platforms. It can be a new opportunity for this game, which proposes an adventure in which each decision counts: in the shoes of a guy who receives the news of a death that makes him heir, we will visit a city where something of Dickens is seen, Lovecraft and Majora’s Mask. This combination causes each action to have a special relevance, and that amounts to what we do as we do without doing; Each game, thus, wants to be unique and be based on our decisions. Time passes and the ending ends up arriving, and what we have been able to do in those days is what ends up giving way to our history.

It is a very ambitious but not perfect game, yes; At the time, my partner Marta found frictions in the tone of history, in which shocks often occur (among your avatar and the rest of the characters, between the city and its inhabitants) that can be perceived as stumbles:

A Place for the Unwilling - Official Trailer | Now Available on Stadia

The heavy atmosphere, off and defined by the thick and omnipresent London fog that so well decorated the works influenced by Lovecraft, perfectly house with the mysterious statues that are upgraded in the streets of the less fortunate neighborhoods, the growing tension between classes, the Climbing violence – both institutional as criminal – and the mysterious building that seems to have fair chairs to welcome a couple of representatives from each of the influential families of the city. However, all this construction in lore, solemnity and cosmicism is deflated with the entry of some characters designed from the comic and with the superficial treatment of some of the most important subjects of the plot.

You can read the complete analysis here. You can also hear the extensive interview we did to the Alpixel team in the second season of our podcast speak, available in Patreon.

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