Minecraft Goat Horn: For what is used and how to get it

There are a lot of different items, craft materials and resources that players can have in their hands in Minecraft. Some have obvious uses, such as copper or Netherita, while others are a little more obtuse in their uses. Minecraft Goat Horn definitely falls into the latter. Here we will explain everything you need to know about for the goat horn in Minecraft and how you can get it.

Get the goat horn in Minecraft

A goat drops the Goat Horn object when it jumped against a solid block. A last goat will drop a maximum of two goat horns.

A goat can attack a mafia that is not a GHAST or another goat from up to 16 blocks away every 30 seconds to five minutes. The easiest way to get a goat horn is simply hiding behind a tree when you have found a goat and you are inside the reach for you to attack you.

For what the goat horn is used

When you press the ‘Use’ button (RT / R2 / LMB) while holding the goat horn, you will hear a horn sound. It may sound familiar, since it is also the sound of the horn that is heard when you assault you.

More importantly, the goat horn is also an ingredient of elaboration for the copper horn.

manufacturing ingredient for copper horn

The goat horn is also used as an ingredient of elaboration in the copper horn. It should be placed in the middle of a 3 × 3 elaboration grid, with a copper ingot to the left, on the right and directly below.

The copper horn can reproduce three different sounds, depending on whether the player is looking up, crouched or simply standing normally.


There are also 10 variations of copper horns, each of which reproduces three slightly different sounds to others.

That’s all you need to know about the minecraft goat horn **. To get more tips and tricks about the game, be sure to search Horn or refer to the links below.

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