PS5 will receive support for VRR in the coming months

From the launch of PLAYSTATION 5 , fans have been demanding that the console receive support for VRR . Variable Refresh Rate is a technology that prevents and eliminates annoying Screen Tearing as well as other visual inconsistencies. Basically, it allows games to have a little better performance. The good news is that Sony confirmed that in the coming months this function will come to the console.

Sony confirms that PS5 will get HDMI 2.1 VRR

In a new publication of PS blog , the Japanese firm announced that the VRR will reach PS5 “in the following months”. This functionality will have support in “televisions compatible with HDMI 2.1 and compatible monitors”. Sony explained some of the benefits of VRR :

“The VRR allows the gameplay in many PS5 games to feel more fluid because the scenes are rendered immediately, the graphs look sharper, and the input lag is reduced.”

Sony Indicates that some games already released could be supported for VRR using patches, and confirmed that many future titles will have this function from day 1. It will also be possible to enable VRR in games that do not support it natively, although this could have mixed results.

As we get closer to the implementation of VRR at PS5 , Sony promised that they will give more details about it, including a list of initial games that will receive a patch to incorporate this function. By while, do not forget to update your ps5 that today received a new patch.

Editor’s note: Without a doubt it is a great news that Sony is listening to the community regarding the functions you want to see on the PS5. Slow but safe, the Japanese company has been implementing some of these functions, and everything indicates that many of them eventually will continue to come.

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