Raab and FCC show against Freiburg unfamiliar weaknesses

Around 5,000 fans of the red devil had traveled to Breisgau to cheer their FCK in the Dreesamstadion in Freiburg to the next win win. But at the 0: 0 against the climber should only be done little. In the first half, the team of Marco Antwerpen arose mistakes to mistakes, the offensive around top striker Terrence Boyd lacked the puncture force and the otherwise so solid midfield of the Palatine was mastered by the opponent.

“In the first half it was not enough of us all. That’s sobering because we can more,” summed up Boyd. “It feels like a damper. With the quality we have, a victory would have been mandatory. It is not the end of the world, but we wanted to win.”

Raab needed “a bit of sugar”

Even the strong retention of the so successful FCK season, goalkeeper Raab, showed against Freiburg unfamiliar playful and physical weaknesses. With a Lee flank from the half-field, the 23-year-old turned around in the penalty area and was lucky that the freestanding Kehl missed the goal. So the error of the central best third league player (average grade: 2.57) remained without further consequence.

Freiburg trip 2014

A little later, physical problems plagued him. In the middle of the first half he had to settle on the lawn and hinder the physiotherapist: “I’ve been screamed, I used a bit of sugar,” he reported after the game. Already the day before he had in the hotel room “drank like otherwise”.

After a short treatment break Raab (FCK note: 3.0) then returned to the usual retention for Kaiserslautern, but he also showed itself disappointed after the game. “We were always too far away, just did not have access,” Running the goalkeeper. “We gave away the first half, said German.”

In the end, the FCK fans saw the 16th zero-zero game of their goalkeeping, but not the next three points towards climb. To the numerous supporters, Boyd set up “a big thank you”. The fans would have the game “Like a home game”, which is why the 31-year-old and his teammates are quite disappointed due to their performance.

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