Rocat Kone XP Gaming Mouse Release and Dictionary Reservation Sales

Germany No.1 Gaming Gear Brand Inn Racat (ROCCAT) announced that two of the concerns of the ergonomic design ‘KONE XP’ wired mice are released through Mint Taps, the official income company.

The new product ‘KONE (KONE) XP’ is a ROCE CONE (KONE) series, providing a perfect grip in any hand, and 22 LEDs, 8 light guides, a perfect combination of translucent shells, It stands out. Particularly, it is possible to map the mouse to the mouse and supported by mamapping 29 functions by supporting the ‘Easy-Shift [+]’ technology, and it is possible to play more quickly and convenient.

In addition to equipped with a satisfactory click sense and reactivity using the Titan Optical switch, it is not only durable to a satisfactory, but also the latest technology 19k DPI (OWL-EYE) sensor is equipped with high reactivity and accuracy, and the highest level of heat treated PTFE Use the mouse feet of the material. In addition, it is officially compatible with ‘NVIDIA Reflex’, helping to more fast and precise play, and provides a pleasant game environment.

NEW Roccat Kone XP Review/Features
The Krystal 4D mouse wheel was equipped with a semi-transparent material capable of being able to input the left and right side input, in addition to the vertical clicks and scrolls of the regular mice, and the RGB lighting was mounted. In addition, even if there is no mouse view with a flexible phantomflex (PhantomFlex) cable of 1.8m, the stability of the wired and wireless freezing was grafted.

KONE XP will provide pre-reservation sales (limited quantity) through Roccat Korea Online Store (ROCCAT Korea) from 24th.

More information can be found on the official homepage, and you can see the latest information and various events when you visit the official Facebook and Instagram.

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