China Roll League LPL Spring Play Off, African TV

African TV relays Chinese LOL Pro League ‘LPL Spring Playoff’ in Korean.

China LPL Spring 2022 week 6 DAY 4 Quick Replay 24-02-2022 | LNG vs WBG Game 1 |

African TV announced that the Chinese League of Legend Pro League (LPL) ‘Spring Playoff, which is conducted from March 26 to April 10th, was broadcast in Korean. Africa TV is a 2022 LPL spring season in January, followed by Korean relay in the LPL spring season, and 2022 LPL Spring playoffs will be able to communicate the appearance of Korean players who are active on the LPL stage in Korea.

The 2022 LPL Spring Play Off will play various teams that have done by Korean players. ‘Rookie, Rich’ players are active and the Victory Five (V5), which is ranked first in the LPL League, as well as the “Kanabi” player’s JD Gaming (JDG), “Dhaly”, which is active. WBG) to record good grades in the league and entered the playoffs. In addition, Edward Gaming (EDG), which is shared by LNG ESPORTS (LGN) and ‘Scouting, Viper, and’ Scout, Viper ‘, which are shaggy, and the’ Scout, Viper ‘, which has been shared, will be expected to watch the playoffs of many Korean players..

LPL Spring Playoff The Korean relay in the Korean relay, participates in the Bunmun, Park Han-yong, the new Caster, Chains, Park, Jung-young, and the ‘New Creek’ Shin Jung-hyun, who is loved by witty and analysis on African TV. In addition, in this live broadcasting, we will participate in special spectacular commentary.

2022 LPL Spring Playoff More details on Korean live broadcasting can be found in the “African TV LPL official station”. Live and VOD can be watched through the ‘African TV E Sports page’.

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