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The quarterback market just does not come to rest. According to Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz, two more profiled playmakers changed in the past days in Deshaun Watson and Matt Ryan. Whole six teams have a new starting quarterback for the new season and more will probably follow before the draft. Where does Jimmy Garoppolo play in the next season? What happens to Baker Mayfield? And who enters the heritage of Russell Wilson in Seattle?

These questions approaches the new episode “ICING THE Russell Wilson”. Host Alex “Kucze” by Kuczkowski, with its guests Christian “Detti” Detterbeck and the Russell Wilson editors André Dersewski and Michael Bächle, looks at possible landing spots of the remaining quarterbacks on the trade market and the draft at the end of April. And the crew identifies winners and losers of the quarterback carousel of the last weeks.

Of course, the NFL’s latest blockbuster deal also plays a role: are the Kansas City Chiefs after the loss of Tyreek Hill still the favorite in the AFC? And why will probably have to change the fastest receiver of the NFL in Miami? “ICING THE Russell Wilson” supplies the answers.

In the offseason of the NFL, there is a new episode “Icing The Russell Wilson” every two weeks, the next will appear on April 7th.

24. March 202239: 26 minutes

ITK # 9: The crazy quarterback carousel in the NFL

What’s going on? We are currently experiencing the most craziest offseason of all time in the NFL. Almost every day there are new, spectacular transfers. Twelve NFL teams have already crafted at their quarterback position and invested several million to either bring someone new or bind someone to themselves. This is more than a third of all teams. And Baker Mayfield as well as Jimmy Garoppolo will soon be jumping to the Quarterback Career soon. Is the class of college quarterbacks rinsed through the draft at the end of April, really so thin? Which team from the quarterback talent before Quarterback Talent now only so strugged AFC is currently currently the favorite on the conference title? Who are the winners and losers? André and Michael from the Russell Wilson as well as Kucze and Detti from the footballery arrange the youngest player change for you. Just like the Mega Trade of Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins. The next episode of “Icing the Russell Wilson” is available on April 7th.

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