Announced Action “The Cub” announcement of the End of the World World. 2D Parcour, who runs out the city of post apocalyps

Publisher Untold Tales announced on March 25, a horizontal scroll action game “ THE CUB “. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch. According to the STEAM store page, this work corresponds to Japanese.

The stage of “The Cub” is the world after a major environmental disaster occurred. Although super-richness escaped to Mars, the remaining humanity was traced with the Earth. However, among these humanity, a small child acquires immunity to the environment of harmful planet. And there were too many decades, and the humanity that was out of Mars returns to the earth. Discover the CUB, which is a child with immunity, and try to capture. The player will challenge the trying to escape as the CUB and run through the ruins of the city.

In this work, parcool action will be performed in the world where civilization is decompressed. If you use the evolved wildlife and dangerous vegetation, we will go ahead. With the progress of the stage, a puzzle using an environment is also present. While using the head, you will be aware of the way. In addition, the main character is also keen to be chased by a human hunter. Let’s go ahead while shaking out the chairperson who will be injured throughout.

In the world, the story and hints for the mystery that humanity has declined. The clock tower of broken blue turrism architecture and research institutes of truncated genetic engineering will be waiting for the CUB. A number of stages have a story, such as the veins of chemicals that have been depleted and traces of too expanding battlefields.

In the middle of the trip, Radio Nostalgia radio from Mars is flowing. It seems that the adventure will be enliven to hear the story that Mars’s wealthy people talks about and the smooth voice DJs will be leaning. The visual of this work is influenced by the animation movie “Tarzan” and the early animation movie “Tarzan”, “Atlantis lost empire”, “Atlantis lost Empire”, “Atlantis lost empire”, “El Doradorado Golden city”, the early 90’s. In addition, the work “PRIMAL” of American animator GenNdy Tartakovsky is also referred to.

DEMAGOG Studio, who works on development of this work, is a studio based in Serbia. In 2018, for iOS / Android, we launched “Golf Club Wasteland” that enjoys golf on the earth after the end. The same work was developed after PC or console. In the STEAM Store Review, we have acquired the status with “very popular” from over 300 reviews. It seems that the atmosphere of the wolf and the earth with a sense of loneliness is highly evaluated. The “The Cub” appears to be deployed in the Cub of the Post-Apocalypse, which is good at the studio.

“The Cub” will be released for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch. “Golf Club Wasteland” is expected to expect Japan’s development of the “THE CUB” console version, just in collaboration with domestic publishers.

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