Halo: TV series – Why I still sit after two episodes between chairs

The halo series has long left. For the first time in 2013, it took almost ten years until the first season goes on broadcast. From the 24th of March you can watch Halo at the Pay TV station Sky. I already had the opportunity to see the first two episodes of the first season and tell you what I liked – and where I had to swallow as a connoisseur of the games properly.

Attention, there are spoilers for the action of the halo series!

Follow the plot of the first two: Halo plays as well as the games in the 26th century. When a troop of the threatening Covenant aliens attacks a human outpost on the planet Madrigal, the Silver team consisting of Spartan Supersol data is sent under the command of Master Chief 117 (played by Pablo Schreiber) to eliminate the threat.

In addition to a single survivor – the girl Kwan (Yer’s Ha) – the chief there in a cave also finds a mysterious alien artifact, which can be shooting by his past in touch with visions of his past. It has been stooped so that he resists directly to his supervisor and flees with Kwan to find out more about the artifact. But of course the Covenant look for the artifact…

Of course, I realize that mainly halo fans will be interested in the series and they are likely to have ruled out the eyes when reading the summary above. The Master Chief, so the Stoem command recipient and executing par excellence, refuses directly a command? That’s the way it is and you should take you to experience more surprises here. On the other hand, complete halo-relings probably lacks some exposure because many characters and events are easily sharpened without great explanations.

In the trailer you get a foretaste of the Look & Feel of the TV series:

Welcome to the Silver Timeline

In order to be clearly clearly to say: even if Halo is naturally noticeable to events, figures and the general Lore of the Halo Universe, this is not an adaptation or canonically correct approach to the game timeline. Rather, the series creates its own, the “Silver Timeline”, and feels for me in many places like a reinterpretation of the series.

Example complacent? The Master Chief already takes his helmet in the first episode. Yes, correct. He. takes. his. Helmet. away. Something for which the makers of the games would probably have been pursued with torches and wist forks to their lives from the angry community-MOB, here happens quite quite casually.

And on the one hand, I have surprisingly perceived as a very cool moment – but was also disappointed at the same time, because Pablo Schreiber just looks like a normal type in a armor and not feel like someone who has been childhood through painful operations, body improvements and military Drill was bred to humanity most effective combat machine.

Tobias Veltin
@ Frischer Veltin

Tobi has not only devoured all halo games, but also seen all previous films and mini-series on the topic. Really disappointed has not yet, but he always had quite low expectations. So also with the current TV series, which has already at least partially exceeded these expectations.

The Master Chief looks like a normal guy and of course that is particularly useful for the non-Halo-affine audience. Especially as already attached in the first two episodes that a much more personal side of the Master Chiefs will be shown here, something that was at most approached in Halo 4. The Chief begins to question and becomes so tangible, which of course lies to Pablo Schreiber, which it really succeeds, which is usually very wordcare and analytical chief to mimm.

goose bumps at halo theme

The “helm-off” torque should still be a shock for fans, but at least I had overcome the knowledge of the mentioned reinterpretation quite quickly, as well as the fact that the chief opposes the command chain or the series otherwise does not anyway Plot similarities to the games.

But probably that’s exactly why in the first two consequences for halo connectors quickly a fairly interesting and well-to-overview constellation with some conflict potential. The UNSC (United Nations Space Command) pursues the Master Chief as a renegade and as the side of the Covenant is also illuminated, it is quick to clear that the artifact has to do anything with one of the legendary halo rings. And as in exactly this scene in the background, a variation of the well-known Halo-Themes sounded a variation of the well-known halo-themes, a good goose bump spread on my body.

Just as in some other scenes, because of course, there is also a lot of game halos in the series. From the look of the Covenant, of which in the first consequences only the aggressive elite warriors as well as the prophet leader can be seen about the design of weapons – which sound differently than in the games – to characters like the creator of the Spartan Program Dr. Catherine Halsey (played by Natascha Mcelhone) will be recognized here a lot of familiar.

My Brutally Honest Thoughts on HALO TV SERIES Episode 1: Contact

I have particularly impressed how brutally and merciless the Covenant will be presented, such a brutality I had not expected in the series. Like the quite cool choreographed combat scenes, which do not leave a doubt about the Supersol data status of Spartans. Unfortunately, the CGI effects can not quite keep up, especially the aliens can be partly too clear from the background or work as it is pursued, here the illusion is not always ideal.

Star Wars Vibes and a particularly exciting character

But I liked the locations and characters well-presented so far. Next to the desert planet Madrigal are in the first consequences, among others, the military planet REACH, the Covenant-based High Charity and the city “The Rubble” created in an asteroid field, where the Master Chief visits the sores fled from Spartan basic training. Here, it is already very impressive, how diverse humanity has spread in space. In particular, the establishment shots have hard Star Wars Vibes and also the interiors of the locations I find so far as a pretty credible interpretation of the halo fabric.

In addition to Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief and the Kwan acting as Sidekick, which has so far, I was also quite pleased from the performance of Natasha Mcelhone as Dr. med. Halsey, who is not really looking through as a brilliant scientist and cooks her own soup in the background.

And with Makee also a completely new character comes to the plan, which is representative of what the Halo series so far is so interesting for me. Because they a person who was kidnapped by the Covenant and is now on their side. One of my opinion extremely exciting figure that did not exist in this form in the games and from which I can hardly expect to learn more about them in the coming consequences.

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My intermediate conclusion after two episodes Halo

After the first two episodes, I still sit a little between the chairs. On the one hand, I enjoy it totally to see an “original story” here because they just do not careshow everything from the well-known Lore, but thus has the potential – and even even exhausted – to surprise me. On the other hand, the fan in me would, of course, would still have wished that the makers would have oriented here and there perhaps a bit more of the games, for example in the weapons sounds.

That’s why I’m not sure who should be the concrete target group for this series. Hardcore fans could spread too many choices sour, complete newcomers similarly like Halo Infinite to little exposure or link points. In any case, for me personally, the series offers both enough well-known, as well as exciting new elements – and thus enough reasons for definitely to look at the remaining seven episodes of the first season.

Have you already seen the first episode of the series? What do you say so far?

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