Nexon Owen Mahoney representative ˝ Kim Jung-jus establishment dream ˝

Nexon Japanese corporation Owen Mahoi said he would try to make a remembrance of the memorial to the late Kim Jung-ju, and he would try to achieve Nexon’s most outstanding entertainment company, his dream. For this purpose, we have been involved in the relevant investment last year, and this year is preparing for a large number of new ones.

Ma Hani said on the 24th, through his letters that he conveyed to its shareholders last year and the main business direction this year. Before I started a full-fledged story, he said, It was a situation in Nexon’s management in Nexon, and in 2016, he said, “I left Nexon’s heart and soul.” Kim Jung-joo, said he was looking at the challenge and innovation, and he said he was a unique appearance, and Owen’s representative said that it is feeling a sense of mission for the form of the establishment of the founding dream of the world’s leading entertainment company.

At the heart of the center, Ma Hani representative is a “Virtual World” is a game. The game is the center of entertainment and explained that the market is growing. In addition, a solid IP with good quality and long-term service has been stable for the long-term growth of the enterprise.

He said he was steadily investing in the technology needed for large-scale game development and operation last year. Artificial Intelligence Research Organizational Intelligence Law Investment Investment, Swedish Subgroups Embark Studio Development Tools Investment, Harmer: Age Of Sigma IP Contract, Avengers: Movie Manufacturer of Ruzo Brothers with End Games I mentioned investment as a major case. “The investment mentioned above is an important factor in Nexon’s fundamental goal of the new huge virtual world development.”

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He also introduced the new work in preparation this year. The Mobile News’ Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, which was released on the 24th, and the First Game Arc Radarus, Cart Rider’s Teacher ‘Cart Rider: Drift’ is a representative. Mabinogi Mobile and Embark Studio, which are under development, is also planning to launch in Mabinogi Mobile and Embark Studios in 1 ~ 2 years,

Ma Hani said that it is innovative, but promoting new projects from a long-term perspective, not in trend. He said, “The most effective way to explore the changes in the world is to escape from traditional accidents, prioritize principles, and does not fall into the military. This is the spirit of Kim Jung-joo since 1994, which has been established in Nexon, “he said,” Even if it seems unrealized, it is clear that this approach can grow long-term growth, “he said.

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