[Game Group] Kakao Games P2E Games Overview of Positive Signals

Kakao Games said, “I am very careful to worry about the shareholders,” said that “I am very careful to worry about the shareholders.” Cacao Games also reported a positive signal for releasing P2E game regulations according to regime replacement.

On this day, Kakao Games held a regular shareholder general meeting. Consolidated 2021 Consolidated financial statements and a separate financial statement approval, a part of the approval of the mighteer, the case of the confirmation, the auditor’s committee, and the issue of the director of directors, and the proportion of directors were passed. Cacao Games changes the number of shares to be issued to prepare for several management activities to 300 million mainly in conventional 200 million. The number of shares already issued is 77 million. In addition, Cacao Games trimged part of the asset to meet the company for more than 2 trillion won.

“The Caeca Games representative of Jogye Hyun Kao Games is” IP procurement ability, large title operation ability, and investment strategy to secure high quality lineup and development power. ” 104% to achieve an increase of 1.25 billion won, “he said. “Operating profit was KRW111.9bn, which increased by 68%, and net profit was 5,20.2 billion won, which increased by 68% YoY,” the net profit was 5,20.2 billion won. “

Jogye Hyun, said, “Gamefi, a” Beyond Game “sector, Gamefi, a sports field, is pursuing through the Xiabora (Guangzsez Games), Kaka ore,” said, “The new title of various genres in 2022 is preparing for global titles. I expanded the ‘Beyond Game’ sector to expand the more colorful portfolio and grow up to grow. “

The following is a cacao game and a shareholder response.

Q. ‘Umamusume’ is a wonderful schedule. So that business model is like a Japanese version, changed to the domestic release?

Increase the restrictions on the provision of information in accordance with the Capital Market Law. If you respond indirectly, you will be expected to have a formal announcement for the release schedule. The shareholder will not be disappointing.

Due to the business model, the “Umamusume” launch schedule was delayed than the shareholders expected. With the contract with Games between the developers, you can not exactly reveal your business models now. However, in the line that the domestic environment or law is allowed, Cacao Games will come to the business model that can be expected on the financial side “

Q. There was a concern that the overhang (potential selling volume) issue was issued due to recent 500 billion won transition bonds (CB). If the position and organization of the Overhanship issue of Cacao Games, the agency is wondering if the revenue is to realize.

Regulation CFO “Exactly, Cacao Games has 50% call options for CB W100bn. Call Optional events are in the same time before the expiration. Until then, until then, You can. In other words, all investors are charged at a time, up to W250bn, which is 50% of W500bn.

Cacao Games continued to communicate with investors since the beginning of this year, if 2,50 billion won is transformed at a time. I think that there is a reasonable judgment of investors and the expectation of Cacao Games. After all, it is an investor choice, but it is expected that the conversion will not be made at once because the due date begins.

The expectation of the upsaid to the upside in the second half of the year, such as launching the launch of Odin’s launches and launching Ummusume, such as the shareholder, So I expect to be distributed to some extent “

Q. It is wondering that the initial marketing cost is expected due to the launch of Odin Taiwan, the first quarter and the second quarter.

I can not tell you a fairly notice when I announce the first quarter earnings. “

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Q. Lion Heart Studio Do you have updated content in the IPO plan?

In Regulation CFO, I heard that the market was talked in the market. Facts are not officially determined. However, Lion Heart Studio members are being enhanced, and the development level is becoming more. The Lion Heart Studios Of course, it seems to be.

However, in terms of the cacao community, it is a better way of doing a better way of doing. It seems to be a variety of structures depending on the market situation. The IPO of the developer is a simple general possibility. Such possibilities are obvious, but as a whole, we are worried about the various structures of Cacao Games. It will take a considerable time until that part, but it will be prompted quickly as a cacao feature. The conclusion is that there is no confirmed and not determined until now, “

Q. Cacao Games’ P2E game business situation is wondering.

Residu (CFO “Market situation is not a municipal. Development is ready as development, but now it is only possible for overseas services. Timing for 10 games is still valid. CFO is a Timing Adjustment I believe it is necessary.

Recently, several positive signals come. I believe that it will proceed to fit it. The other similar games are monitoring the process. Even with P2E, it is increasingly proven that the IP holder will be the best beneficiary. Cacao Games P2E seems to go in a direction that can enhance our improvement centering on their own development IP “

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