“Kawagami” Two new characters are suddenly released! Look at the sight of the night orchid (Yan) and “Kushinobu” “

HOYOVERSE has published two new character information at Open World RPG “ Kawagami ” for PC / PS5 / PS4 / smartph1. It is the first publication of “ Nightchid (Iran) ” of the water element and the Lightning element.

“Nightchid” is a woman wrapped in a mystery. She is a ghost, like a ghost, she appears in the center of every other event and often disappears before the storm stops. “She is better to treat her as a general person, she wants her, but she wants to say, but she would not carry negotiations well.”

One “Kugi Shinobu” is the second of “wilderness”, which Laminomi, Midiro, Midsu. He is a ninja-like munch, and I can not show a lot of smiles. That Kijo Shira seems to be an excellent person as she says “she is a sideline, a bald for her side hand,”.

# ◆ “Nightchid” Character Introduction

Somewhat heaven and earth, passing and good guys

Night orchid’s status is always wrapped in mystery. She appears at the center of all the incidents in various ways, like a ghost, and she often disappears before the storm stops.

People caught in her face deaf will wait for her to meet her. Why don’t you know, but if she saves yourself, she believes in the majority. If you fall into a situation where her hand is not done, she would have pulled her to her friend and they are thinking.

But it’s a nasty, her partner thinks the same way. Everyone is meeting at night orchid with different identities and names. Everyone thinks that it will put a hand with night orchid, and… everyone is being deceived.

Who she wants to help who, she gets out of her chest when it becomes? When she intervenes in the case of her idea, her truth is not told her truth from her mouth. Her false identification, and even if she faces her sincerely, those who seete her-her answer will have already lost the opportunity to earn it.

# ◆ “Kujin Shinobu” Character Introduction

Hundreds of work, a demon secondary

The second hand of “wilderness”. He wears a unique face cheek, and a person who does not show too much smile. The time when I entered her wilderness is relatively late, but she is a gem which has changed the whole. Since Kitanobuki joins, the wilderness will be a long range of businesses, including laws and commerce consultations, banquets, tailoring of costumes.

Another surprising thing is that although it is a wilderness that is not Dala no wilderness, all of which can be presented all of the credentials for those businesses. In the signature field, all the names of Kugi Shinobu are described.

In addition, this second party has studying abroad, and there is also a close relationship with Tensho. If the external person listens to such a story, it will be a suspicional sense. However, if you are a villain of Hanamimiaka, who has a lot of trouble with the wilderness, the story is different. I’m running down to her and I’m doing various consultations. According to them, consultation with Kuni Shinobu always talks smoothly and is not efficient. However, the next two rules must always be put in mind-

I do not pursue the true figure hidden by her face cheek. Two, when she goes to her work, she doesn’t hear why she is going to avoid Narumi Taisha.

Since the implementation character of “Ver.2.6” is already decided, “Nightchid” will be implemented in “Ver. 2.7 (or 3.0)”. It just worries like that characteristic and performance.

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