Dungeon Rusher DOFUS Touch : Tofu Royal

Win a new shield skin? Nothing simpler, just make a Dungeon Rusher on Dofus Touch. And to help you harvest a maximum, you are given all the info on the next Dungeon Rusher !

And as we think of you, you can also find here the information on the last Dungeon Rusher dated. Maybe counting well, you can predict the following!


And if you resume some nozzles and feathers? Tofuses give you an appointment with Royal Tobulailler in the IngenSes field. On the program, after a hard work to conquer the dungeon, a shield awaits you. And not anyone since it is the trophy shield of the royal tofu .

  • From Wednesday, March 30 (12h) to Wednesday, April 6 (12h).
  • One shield by dungeon per character.
  • The monsters killed in arenas do not count.


Last Donjon Rusher Dofus Touch dated

Recently, the Dungeon Rusher Maxxx offered you to you. With no less than 6 dungeons in 1, it was an opportunity to bring you many appetizer shield.

On this occasion, it is the Skeunk, Sphincter Cell, the soft oak, Nelween, the bworker as well as the royal girl who found themselves.

It is also a very good opportunity to resume the Dofus Touch adventure with all our guides. Whether it’s to make your stuffs according to your level, choose your class or your server, we thought of everything!

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