Is it revenge of illegal creators? “Destiny” video is removed from Youtube with false declaration

Online RPG Shooter DESTINY ” Bungie, who is known for the Shooter “ DESTINY “, was appealed to the same studio. The studio seems to be “ revenge ” of the motivation of this matter.

Bungie Takedowns - MAJOR UPDATE | YouTuber Claims Responsibility (VL648)

It has been reported in the US bulletin board REDDIT that many YouTube videos associated with “Destiny” in mid-March were deleted by copyright infringement. It is an unofficial soundtrack videos that were deleted at that time, and MY NAME IS BYF and AZTECROSS. In the sudden response without prior notice, the community has roded the voices of bungies for development and operation.

However, March 21, the same studio has also been deleted, “the content of official channels” has been removed, and the situation is clear by being revealed that “not a declaration of infringement”. Well, “Who is the one of the deletions of the series” has attracted attention.

According to the results of Bungie’s survey published on the 25th, the person who made a false declaration was found to be an account with an intellectual property protection service of the studio. With regard to this matter, Google is measured to stop the account and is to be able to recover an illegal deleted videos.

In addition, about the deleted unofficial soundtrack videos, the studio is “(Terms above) can not be permitted.” However, the demand shows an understanding, and shows the policy to approve the unprofitable upload only for music not delivered.

In addition, the survey results were revealed by the foreign media Torrent freak report that Bungie prosecuted the false declarator (defendant) on the same day. According to the appeals that the media was obtained, Bungie deletes 41 illegal videos through behalf of the proxy company by 17th March. These were violated the terms such as “songs ripped from the game” and “Cut Scene of the Game”.

And another account of Bungie, Inc. will send a declaration of copyright infringement to various places, and the real Gmail address was told that the real Gmail address is fake. Bungie has been inferred from this, and the accused was inferred that “the report of copyright infringement reported from the real address” in the past.

In addition, it has been described that the defendant has reported copyright infringement for your Youtube account. Torrent freak is reported as “to take the victim”.

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