Kirby and the forgotten land: 5 essential tips to enjoy it to the fullest

Kirby and the forgotten land offer an adorable adventure and for the first time in 3D in Nintendo Switch. When not be the main adventure very difficult, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it to the fullest and have fun discovering the secret missions of each level. Of course, this new Kirby offers a much more complex game end and many additional activities such as minigames, bonus levels or even the Coliseum with fights. And if you are a beginner or you have not yet taken the time to discover the game thoroughly, Here you have 5 tips that you can not miss.

Kirby and his multiple hidden powers

During your adventure you will have to swallow several enemies to recover your different skills as boomerang, needles or pumps. Sometimes, it can even become a car or a traffic c1. But, in addition to the multiple powers and transmorphism of it, Kirby has several “normal” attacks ** that you can view on the Commands menu. Therefore, you can upload to the boxes to destroy them with their lateral career, protect you with the shield and dodge enemy attacks.

Press B when you are floating in the air to download directly and not wait for the pink ball to stop flying. You will appreciate it. In cooperative mode, Bandana Waddle-Dee also has many combos and attacks with her spear, so take advantage of them!

Treasure Route: Do not avoid them!

When you complete the levels of the main adventure, sometimes you will unlock bonus levels that are part of treasure route. In addition to being a way of challenging you a little, you should not neglect these bonus levels because they will allow you to win special gems , useful for improving your powers.

You can complete time records for win 50 extra coins. Do not hesitate to put yourself in hurricane mode for the main adventure to win 10 more coins. Finally, keep in mind that the different worlds of the game offer Hidden levels of the treasure route : Pass the cursor on the map and you will see that the “Browse” button appears on the screen sometimes. By pressing a, you can unlock a new challenge to complete.

The city of the Waddle-dees and its secrets

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is AMAZING!! (FULL GAME Playthrough!)

The village is full of small secrets, such as gift codes, but also minigames and hidden coins. You can sleep in your bed for example to recover your energy, turn on the fireplace to win a red coin. You can donate 1000 coins to the music band to add all the music in the game and reproduce the music you want in the village. There is a boxing bag available to the right of the Armory (interior) to train in the use of the powers.

In short, be an observer and do not hesitate to collect the dozens of village coins that reappear each time you upload level and then return to the village.

The Meta-Knight Cup in the Colosseum

Once sufficient Waddle-dees have been rescued, you will unlock the great coliseum at the top of the village. When registering at the counter, you can participate in different tournaments in which must participate in fights. Usually, it is necessary to chain six fights that end up in a confrontation against the famous Knight goal. Participating in the different glasses will allow you win new power plans as the Knight Meta sword, rare gems, coins and even trophies.

Get coins easily

Feel free to play The fishing minigame Once unlocked! If you do not make any errors, the fish will become increasingly large until you get the golden fish that is worth 500 coins. Then, the coins allow you to buy useful combat elements (for example, attack impulse) that you can use in the very difficult final of the game. You can also spend your coins on the Gachapon machines to complete your collection of trophies.

Do not forget to visit our full game guide, so you do not miss any Waddle-dee and no secret passage at different levels. You will also find many guides about other game features, such as gift codes or powers.

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