Minecraft goat horn explains: How to get it and what it does

Minecraft players who are looking for the latest update for the Tedrock Edition (1.18.30) Probably a few new elements and functions have noticed in the update. One of these features is the brand new goat horn , which has some new and interesting features that will be explained in this manual. Would you like to know where you get a goat horn and how to use it ? Then you are not looking for. Here is how to get a goat horn and use one in Minecraft.

How do I get a goat horn in Minecraft?

To get one Ziegenhorn in Minecraft you must first find a goat in the game. Goats in Minecraft normally spawn in mountain biom . Normally groups of two or three goats spawns on the snowy hanging far above the cloud border on the peaks of these mountains.

After you have found a goat, you must be aggressive rams . After you have the aggression of the goat, place or run to stone, pack ice cream, iron ore, copper ore, smaragder or any kind of wooden swift in the upper world, not from the Nether.

If a goat meets one of these types of blocks, she will do it drop a horn . An adult goat even leaves up to two horns at once. The goat horn is a renewable object, so you have to go back and get more after being assumed. They are not stackable, so they fill their inventory quickly when they collect them. bring a shulk box if you need additional space for storing.

How to use a goat horn in Minecraft

Using a goat horn in Minecraft is relatively easy. Click or simply click on your respective console or your PC to the “Use” button and the horn used is displayed TOOTING ANIMATION . There will be a horn noise that can be heard with RAIDs.

In the latest update (1.18.30) this is possible Mix copper bars along with a goat horn to create a copper horn that will make a completely new noise.

Minecraft is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

How To Get Goat Horn In Minecraft?
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