Breath of the Wild 2: Nintendo has a sad message to release

Only last year Nintendo had called a release period for the Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now the group goes back – the game must unfortunately be postponed.

Nintendo moves Breath of the Wild 2

Fans had been wondering since the last Nintendo Direct, when there will finally be news about the “Breath of the Wild” progress. Now Nintendo reports with a short video and expresses itself to the publication of the hot expected Open World Game.

Launch Timing Update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

So the continuation no longer will appear, as originally targeted, 2022. Instead, Eiji Aonuma, announces the producer of the Zelda series, now a release for the spring 2023.

At least there is still a little surprise at the end of the video. It is shown a new scene from the game. Link moves the master sword that seems to be broken. But see yourself:

Why is the new Zelda game moved?

The reason for the shift is only stated that the team wants to take more time for development. Aonuma says in the video:

“At an earlier date, we announced that the publication of the game was planned for 2022. However, we decided to extend the development phase and postpone the publication to the spring 2023.”

Furthermore, he apologizes for the bad news of all fans who were already looking forward to the game.

What does the community say?

The fans take the bad news surprisingly left. In the Youtube comments, many praise talk about that Nintendo seems to take so much time is as necessary to deliver a good game. (Source: YouTube)

How did Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto said it so beautifully?

“A postponed game is ultimately good, but a game developed in a hurry is bad forever.” (Source: The Guardian)

This motto seems to pursue the company today. So let’s hope that the next RPG EPOS expects us in the spring of 2023.

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