How to play as a boone in Rocket Arena

If we had to choose a favorite character in Rocket Arena, we should probably go with Zik. No, it is not _technically_exporated one of the competitors, but the BOOONE PETRODACTYL FIDEL is adorable. And it is also an excellent companion for an exceptionally strong character.

Be the best Boone

Boone is fast and strong by himself, but Zik is what really distinguishes him from the pack. With his friend flying-dino, Boone can quadruple to jump higher than almost anyone else in the game. Zik also allows Boone to float a little on his decent, which makes this character phenomenal to get a position high in the tunes then fight remotely. Fortunately he is equipped with arsenal to do it.

  • Blunderblast
    • The main Boone rocket. It’s basically a shotgun and does the job very well. It has a great spread that is difficult to miss and can do a lot of damage. He has only five clich├ęs and they steal quickly, so you will need to reload frequently.
  • Zik vortex
    • Special boone ability. At first, you might think it’s not the most effective. The Zik Vortex launches a wind burst that does not do a lot of damage, although it works to momentarily stun your opponent and repel it.
    • Zik’s vortex is really useful for giving Boone an even larger rocket jump. The vortex naturally grows boone backwards, which can confuse opponents, but can be used when it is pulled at the boone’s feet. This will propel it very far into the air very quickly.
    • Add to that the exceptional jump capacity of Boone and Zik and you can have a good time in the air. Most players will not look at the sky before it’s too late.
  • Scope Megadon
    • Secondary boone capacity. This essentially transforms the primary rifle of boone shotgun into a sniper rifle. It reduces your shot at a single stroke instead of propagation. More importantly, if you are in the air and activate your telescope, you can float for a little less than four entire four seconds. Coupled with the boone ability to get started in the tunes with the vortex and its jump capacity, it can give you tons of time to eliminate your opponents from above. The scope also makes its shots much more accurate. By combining the two capabilities of Boone, you can become a real aerial threat.
    • The Megadon Scope can be used at any time. There is no cooling. You will exit the scope if you release the secondary capacity button or if you have to reload.

How To Play As Boone In Rocket Arena! Gameplay and Tutorial!

Strategies for Knockout / RocketBot Attack

Many characters Rocket Arena excel face to face. Not with Bo1. If you use it in KO mode, play on its strengths and keep some distance. Take the air as much as possible and eliminate your enemies from afar. They will never know what struck them.

Strategies for Rocketball

The rocketball is the place where Boone really shines. With its exceptional jump capabilities and fast speed, it is the ideal candidate to get the ball quickly and head straight towards the goal. If necessary, he can always fly and throw it so far. We strongly recommend using it for this mode; The slower and more terrestrial characters have no chance.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Because Boone is better used when it is mobile, it is not exactly adapted to score points in Mega Rocket. That said, if you choose to play with him in this mode, it is better to use it as an offensive player, eliminating opponents while the rest of your team takes control of missile areas and mark points.

Treasury Hunting Strategies

Just like in Rocketball, Treasure Hunt was practically done for Bo1. Hold the treasure chest eliminates your ability to use ZIK’s vortex, but you will always have an exceptional jump capacity to move in the arena. Pick up pieces with it is also a breeze.

Overall, Boone is a quick and fun character with whom play. He succeeds incredibly well in all modes, but especially in Rocket Ball and Treasure Hunt. Control it and be a real boon for your team!

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