Locations of Genshin Impact Uncle HE CLUES: How to complete Chasm Delvers Quest

Tea Excavators of Abshams Search at Impact Genshin Task players with Find three tracks of Uncle’s whereabouts HE . In this guide, we will show you where to find each of them.

Where to find clues about Uncle’s whereabouts

  • When you arrive for the first time to the abyss, talk to the NPC and then go to the first reference point marked on your map with a yellow circle.

There is a purple sticky substance in the corner next to the rock and some boxes right next door. The first track is on top of the boxes here.

  • Next, descend to the abyss below and go to the route point to the north.

Look for a blue Lumenstone torch and you will find the second track attached to the side of a box here.

  • Finally, go to the last route point and you will find some treasure hunters.

The Chasm Delvers: Chasm Spelunkers World Quest Guide | Look For Clues To Uncle He's Whereabouts
Defeats and then look for a frame of weapons next to another torch Lumenst1. The next track is inside a broken box right next to it.

When you have the three tracks about Uncle HE location, come back with Jinwu and inform him of what you found on the tracks. Now you will get the following goal in the mission, which forces you to go to the exploration team camp.

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