In June 2022, a new Marvel heroine will enter the Superhelde Olympus. It is not only surprisingly unique, but will probably grow every marvel fan to the heart. She may not be the first, but probably the most significant a new generation in the MCU.

MS. Marvel is Captain Marvel’s successor and the expression of a new Mcus. With her 16 years Kamala Khan is also the most recent newcomer in the Marvel Universe and thus forms a brand new generation that has not yet come to speak. In her free time she writes Fanfictiontions and swim the Avengers; Your dream is to become a superhero at some point. No spoiler: The dream could soon come true. What makes Ms. Marvel so special? She is the voice of Gen Z and the young millennials , and she is the first Muslim super heroin in the MCU .

_Whold a first look at the upcoming Disney + series Ms. Marvel: _

Ms. Marvel is the voice of the future in the Marvel Universe

Kamala Khan is different on all sorts of species than their predecessors: Not only does she know the way with her Pakistani-American origin – which is already a reason to celebrate – it also represents the * beauty ideal of the super-thin superhero * on the head. The 19-year-old Iman Vellani will embody Khan in the upcoming series on Disney +. The young actress is Canadians who also has Pakistani roots.

In addition to Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) is Ms. Marvel the loudest voice of a new generation in the MCU : While most Avengers are detached after endgame one after the other, Gen Z and the Young millennials on the row. However, the new MCU is not mastered nur by young superheroes: Dr. Strange, Thor, Scarlet Witch and Loki stay in their old roles. Winter Soldier and the new Captain America are expected to continue.

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan New Powers Explained! | Inside Marvel
New also comes Moon Knight , which is played by Oscar Isaac and certainly more of the “adult” is to be assigned. By the way, his new Marvel series is currently started today at Disney +. Do not miss!

If you want to know where the MCU develops, you have a good chance of watching the coming series Ms. Marvel. MS. Marvel will appear on Disney + from 8 June 2022 when everything is running smoothly.

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