Worse than in Cod: In this shooter, even more cheaters frolate

Who thinks that most cheaters romp in multiplayer mode from Call of Duty, is mistaken. Even in Activisions Shooter-Hit are unfair players on the way, but in Battle-Royale-Hit Fortnite seems to look much worse.

For the study by VPN provider Surfshark, the views of cheating videos were added to popular multiplayer games on YouTube. In a gaming community, the interest in cheat videos is very big.

Fortnite is the biggest cheater hell

In total, chat videos for Fortnite were called slightly more than 26.8 million times. The second-placed OverVATCH comes only to narrow 9.3 million calls. Counter-Strike: Global offensive snaps the third place at 6.7 million.

Here is the top 10 views of cheating videos:

  • FortNite : 26,822 million video calls
  • OverVATCH : 9,279 million video calls
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive : 6,706 million video calls
  • Call of Duty : Warzone: 4,189 million video calls
  • Destiny 2 : 3,238 million video calls
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare : 3,157 million video calls
  • Valorant : 3,108 million video calls
  • Doom: Eternal : 2,707 million video calls
  • Apex Legends : 2,312 million video calls
  • Rainbow Six: Victories : 2,215 million video calls

(Source: Surfshark)

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The videos were divided by Surfshark in two categories: Videos to Aimbots , which automatically take other players to the crosshair and videos about Wallhacks , which enable the places of other gamers through walls. The clips on Aimbots were significantly more popular with almost all affected plays.

Fortnite: Cheater in abundance

Of course, not every video call is synonymous with a cheater, but with such numbers will nevertheless clear, in which Wallhacks and Aimbots are gait and there are. Especially at Fortnite these tools seem not only to be known, but for many unfortunately to play a gaming experience – either from a passive or active perspective.

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