Joint Venture Comfortus launched … Make a global metabus ecosystem together

Com2u (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) established the affiliate Wigiwikusuwi and the Enti-Joint Venture (JV), and the Corporation (Representative Lee Kyung-il), and the Metropolitan Government and Metabus Development?

Com2us is the launch of the Metric Joint Venture Compost Bus, with the world’s highest level of video content manufacturer of the world’s top-level video content (XR) content enterprise, We plan to jointly implement a realistic meta bus through organic collaboration with familiarities with know-how.

In addition, Hana Bus Financial Services and Related Technologies, and Korea Financial Group, ▲ Edu Tech and Life Culture Enterprises Teacher Group, ▲ Book Culture Companies, ▲ Book Culture Companies, Life? The main partners who cover medical care are participated in the investor of Comforto, and the next generation global metabus ecosystem.

In order to create a metaverse that moved the real world experience as this, Com2us has established a business agreement (MOU) with the representative companies in each industry to create a meta bus that moved the real world experience.

06: Joint Venture and Mentor Protégé Guru - Matthew Schoonover
Furthermore, entertainment? Fashion? Food & Beverage? Health care? Communication? Dent from the entire industry and the company, which is in the industry, and the Company Investment Co., Ltd., the company, which combines the business capabilities of the investor and the metaverse business capability of the Com2s Group This is a policy that extends the realm of the complex as a game craftser to change future life.

Meanwhile, Com2us opens a full-fledged metabus era as the virtual office residence of the Comunt bus in the second half of this year. Based on the block chain technology, all activities of the user lead to compensation and are preparing a unique ‘metanomics’ to which production and consumption activities are linked, and sales of virtual real estate and avatars, items, etc. as NFT and make content? We are going to provide a web 3.0 environment that leads to future digital paradigm, such as trading.

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