After change: no consequences for dingert

Once again, Christian Dingert is part of a debate he would rather spare, and again it’s about a change error.

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Last summer, he led the finish game in the DFB Cup between Münster and Wolfsburg, which was subsequently evaluated after a forbidden sixth resolving of the VFL 2: 0 for the hosts. On Saturday, Dingert did not notice that FC Bayern briefly acted with twelve players at the 4-1 win in Freiburg.

However, personal consequences must not be afraid of the 41-year-old. “I found it as a message Fatal,” Lutz Michael said cheerfully, the referee boss at DFB, in a media workshop on Monday. “You have to determine now: There’s a mistake that everyone has such a share.” Next to Dingert, Cheerich also called the fourth official Arno Blos and Bavaria Teammanager Kathleen Krüger, who had a wrong number.

“In the process run, there were already mistakes that sit down on the referee page,” admitted cheerfully. “You have to work up to rest.” This is currently happening in the training course of the DFB-lace reeferees in Potsdam, which also participates in Dingert.

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