Elden Ring: Best Caelid Rune Farming Spots

Caelid is a bit strange area in terms of its placement in Elden Ring. It is so easily accessible in the early game and has enemies that you can kill faster than the very limgrave and the largest part of Liurnia. Many of us land here either from the fake traps in the dragon-burned ruins or the third church of Marika. Funny, this place with some skill also has some pretty good places to farm. Here are the best rune farms in Caelid in Elden Ring.

Best Caelid Rune Farming Spots

There are three solid places that you should visit when you want to increase your runes in Elden Ring. Two of these three points can be easily achieved in the early game.

Farum Greatbridge / Bestial spirit

This could be more likely to hit people. This is the best farming spot in the early game, if you want a few levels more. To get here, you must create it to the third church of Marika and use the teleporter behind the bushes and directly at the foot of the cliff. This teleporter brings you to the bestial sanctum, the northernmost part of Caelid.

Whatever you do, they do not attack the Gargoyle, the guard stands on the stairs. It can reward them with a lot of runes, but it can basically hit them with a shot, even if they are over Level 100. Instead, they will kill the vulgar militia officers patrolling in the area. Everyone brings them about 1,000 to 1,300 runes per kill. You can usually stumble to death, but be careful when attacking groups. You have an extremely high attack power and can make you with one or two shots.

From the Bestial Sanctum, go south to the Farum Greatbridge. There is a place of grace that is much easier and safer to reach when you need to respaw the enemies. Do not go south to the south and provoke the dragon that guard the bridge!

Lennes rise

On the other side of the Farum large bridge there is another agricultural place when somehow arrived at Greyll, there is a place of grace. Another way to get here is to follow the main path in Caelid to Dragonbarrow and at the Minor Erdtree. Go to the west down the path from the place of grace to spawn a drop.

Use the best torrent because he allows them to be more agile. Run along the edge of this cliff and bait the boulders so that he falls from the cliff. If you have done it right, you should earn 2,000 runes. This can be repeated by going back to Lenne’s Rise Grace and spawn the boulders. If you do not want to take a risk with the powerful militia officers, this is a secure location.

War Catacombs

After they have defeated cycle, go north of the area where they fought against him. As soon as you have reached the foot of the cliff, go to the east until you find the catacombs of the war marks. This place is extremely difficult to clean because you fight Radahn’s soldiers and Cleanrot Knights. These are for himself hard enemies, but they are ghosts and appear sporadically everywhere.

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Luckily they fight against each other. If you kill, either by your hands or through your other enemies, you get runes. If you approach close enough to see your health bars, get runes when you die, even if you do not even meet. It is a slow AFK farm, but it grants considerable amounts of runes in the long run.

Of course, there is still better places at the time when you get to the War Dead catacombs, you may find even better places to farm runes, but everyone’s his.

Elden Ring is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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