How to manufacture a break tool in Grounded

The BUSTING tool is quite important in MEA, because it allows you to break big rocks that could block the path and reap the important resources you will need to progress in the game.

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How to get a break tool

To get a break tool, you will need to build a pebble hammer. This is the first break tool you can get in the game, so you need it as soon as possible. To manufacture a Hammer Pebblet, you will need the following resources:

  • Strand x 3
  • Galet x 4
  • Woven fiber x 1


To get the strands, you can pick them up from the ground while you explore. These look like mid-sized single rod plants with small leaves at the top.


The pebbles are tiny stones that you can find on the floor, anywhere on the map. They are fast and easy to gather because they can be found almost everywhere. If you have trouble finding them, you can always find large groups near big stones and rocks.

Woven Fiber

To make woven fiber, you will need to analyze the vegetable fiber found on the ground in the analyzer. This will then unlock the woven fiber recipe and you can manufacture it on the Materials tab of the Craft menu.

When you have all the resources you need, open your Crafting menu, go to the Tools section, and you can manufacture the Pebblet Hammer. You do not need a craft bench for this recipe and build one anywhere.

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