Busan, two rabbits, Busan, who wrote 2.9 billion won in Jauta

Busan (Market Park, Hyung Jun), was assumed that we assigned W13 billion won in support for ‘Gesta 2021’ and 2.9 billion won. This money is only the amount that Busan city is supported, not the total budget of the grid. Busan was actively budgeted because Busan was attracted by the competition.

When you look at the Budget Elecision Executive History, the Money is the most money for the use of the vessels and the use of Jessa IP. The Gesta Changzhou liver is 630 million won, and the giga IP fee is 150 million won. Becsco has 42.5% stake in Busan. Gupa IP fee has a Korean game industry association side.

We used 130 million won to the operation of the BIC showcase corresponding to W1.8bn and Indie Game Support. Jista event operations and BIC showcase operations were classified as commissioned business fees. Busan paid 9,000 won as a payment fee. The accession fee is money to work on business operations.

In addition, the fertilizer used W51 million in GaSta promotion and souvenir production, and 1,7 million won for game access improvement forum, and 1,9 million won for GSTAGDAS production.

Busan, Jupa 2021 Major Performance As a major performance, Busan researchers selected Gusta to hit the 10th product of Busan in 2021. It is assessed that Gusta returned to offline is a rabbit to caught two rabbits. Last year, Jessa participated in 783 countries in 44 countries. Off-line bearings are about 28,000, and Gesta TV’s unique viewers are over 970,000.

The results of the regional industries were participated in the Gusta of the 25 games in Busan. Consultation is 231 cases, the contracting solution is 550 million won. Indie Game Support “Jessa Indie Showcase X Gesta Bic Showcase” 65 works were exhibited. Busan, Satisfaction, was 92% for visitors and 100% exhibitors.

Welcome to Busan- Busan ah Hmangaih ka tawng ta tlat mai.????
On the other hand, Busan City is a significant time for character development using △ GSTA IP, and a point of Gusta Goodies using characters, which is short, and it is a point of time to reach a few variables due to various variables such as Corona 19, In the ‘JSTA Cup Ispos Competition’, I am very changing the business plan as a ‘JSTO Cup Family Ispos Festival’, so that the public relations period was short and that it is unable to achieve the participant’s target personnel.

“In order to change the business plan due to external environmental factors in the future, it is necessary to promptly promptly prompt and flexible business to promote the approval of the business. I will be able to settle, “I have organized improvements.

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