Escape from Tarkov teases three new Lighthouse

Lighthouse is at a distance of one of the hardest escape from Tarkov cards in the game. With high-ranking bags, which are guarded by Rogues – well-armed KI players – it is a pretty tricky affair to get away with their ego in action. However, it looks like things thanks to three new Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse bosses become a lot of tricky.

Enter Big Pipe, Knight and Birdeye. Battlestate Games has straightened these cartig-looking guys straight, and although we do not know much about them, we know that they will connect the rogue forces as bosses when the Lighthouse extension is finally released. It was rumored that all three will patrol in the lighthouse and water treatment area where the new in-game retailer will be stationed.

And now when they are stationed there, it will be interesting. Big Pipe, the BlackBeard of Rainbow Six victories looks very similar, supports a six-shifty Milkor M32 grenade launcher, Knight has a well-equipped Scar-H and Birdeye has two guns – although it is the Rsass with the huge riflescope that you have. I have to worry.

In other words, these three lighthouse bosses can – short range, long range, everything. It will be a nightmare to be ready with you, especially as it looks like you will be part of a four-headed group that protects this dealer.

Like this fourth boss looks, however, remains to be seen.

Extension of the lighthouse # Escapefromarkov

BSG Teases Yet a THIRD Boss for Lighthouse Today - Escape From Tarkov News

  • Escape from Tarkov (@Tarkov) 1. April 2022

It is not clear when these updates will be released, but with the next escape from Tarkov wipe right around the corner, who knows what could come to us. One thing is certain, their usual Lighthouse raids will soon look very different.

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