Olymphenia introduces AI Human Technology on Metropolitan Plain, Metabus Sale

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Lee] The Olympian Planet (Representative Kwon Jae-hyun) announced on the 7th that he introduced artificial intelligence (AI) human technology in the Hyundai Maestro Meta Bus Language Public Relations.

Yeouido Hyundai Maestro is a small housing of a housing officer, a residential office, which is scheduled for sale in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. The Olympian Planet introduced AI Human Technology at the Metropolitan Publishers, opened before the offline promotional officer.

Messerubus Public Relations Users can make detailed information and real-time chatting through AI Human.

The Olympian Planet is showing a virtual space that is actualized through its own developed Elyps Studio. In addition, AI Human, such as AI Human, has a variety of technologies to modulate and easily use technology scalability.

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“Olympian Planet is a” Olympian Planet, “said the” Olympian Planet, “said the” Olympian Planet is a high-compatibility, “the brand virtual space of the” Olympian Planget ” I can apply AI Human to some space. “

In addition, “AI Human, who created a real person model, can produce speech based on TTS based on a natural and separate voice recording. AI Human will be able to provide a more rich customer experience, “he added.

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