The director of Avengers ENDGAME discovers the true motive of so much comedy at the UCM

If there is a distinctive feature that is repeated again and again, to a greater or lesser extent, in virtually all the movies of Marvel Studios , this is humor or comedy . A characteristic that hdistinctive feature been subject to criticism on many occdistinctive featureions and that, even so, continues to appear recurrently in a phdistinctive featuree 4 of the UCM that seems to have matured at the content level with respect to productions of the pdistinctive featuret. Now, the director Joe Russo hdistinctive feature spoken about the subject, justifying the presence of comedy at the UCM and who is behind.

Joe Russo discover the secrets of the UCM

And is that the interview that concerns us published by Deadline hdistinctive feature left us several days of interest on the UCM, from the actual budget of Avengers Infinity War and Avengers EndGame Until why should I die Iron Man instead of Captain America in EndGame. Now, Russo hdistinctive feature deepened a subject distinctive feature controversial distinctive feature it is presence of comedy in Marvel Studios.

“Marvel’s secret sauce is that Kevin likes that movies are entertaining , you know? And the entertainment usually involves humor , and I think Kevin is very supportive to try the movies and I think he likes to sit on the test projection and listen to the answer, “says Joe Russo. “So the audience laughs, you can listen to him. You can understand it, ‘Vale, every 2 minutes are enjoying the movie’, and that is a powerful way for him to medistinctive featureure how the movie will work with the audience , you know? Humor is very important to him, “concludes the director.

Every Avengers: Endgame Theory COMPILATION

It seems that it is clear that the comedy will continue to present at the UCM thanks to the Vision of Kevin Feige , director of Marvel Studios, on how to perform Blockbusters that swept the ticket office; Of course, for the moment the formula seems to work.

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