Bobic after jersey credits at Hertha: crossed line

From the “Great Day for Berlin”, for which the Derby between Hertha BSC and Union should actually stand in the sold-out Olympic Stadium, was almost only a moment on the day: the jersey humiliation for Hertha professionals in front of their own fan block.

The fact that the players had been asked to take off their Jerseys after the 1: 4 defeat of their own Annex, Fredi Bobic significantly condemned Fredi Bobic on Sunday. “They take a lot out of things,” said Hertha’s managing director in the “Sport1 double pass”. With the request (“they are about not worth wearing this jersey”), for him “a line exceeded that is not okay”. And that makes something with the players, “nothing positive”.

Bobic takes Lotka & Co. in protection

“The players go to the curve at Siegen, but also with defeats. That’s so desired by the club,” Stressed Bobic. “That’s first to show respect: we would like to thank you that you have supported us.” They let themselves like on Saturday “of course also pipe or worse. That’s okay. But still there are certain points you must not exceed.”

Even though he had undressed his jersey: the players who entered the demand, about the 18-year-old Linus Gechter or the 20-year-old Marcel Lotka, took Bobic in protection. “I can not condemn her,” she had been impressed.

FAN THROWS SHIRT BACK at the PLAYER... | The Berlin Derby

At Hertha, it is not the first appearance of some fans who ensures discussions. Only in January was a grouping with threats in non-public final training before the game against FC Bayern appeared. “That was not a visit to training, that was a march. That’s not going!”, Says Bobic on Sunday. Nevertheless, he now wants to “try to lead an open dialogue”.

And he appeals to keep the view for the essentials in all relegations and derby emotions: “Overall, we have to be careful where the border is. We talk about sports. A flight hour we have a war, we have two years of pandemic behind We were looking forward to the Derby yesterday. There was a deserved winner, we have to accept that, but that’s not all in life. “

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