Lol: The most shameful play of a professional team that left two players ridicule

We all have those moments when we are playing League of Legends and simply do all bad for a minute. The classic play where an error deconcentrates us and we begin to make us nervous creating a chain effect that ends in a resounding humiliation. It is a usual phenomenon since it is easy to lose concentration when something has not come out well in the first instance. However, we would not expect the most veteran professionals to face this type of failure in their maximum level competitive items.

A failure that surprised Veterans of League of Legends

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However, the LCS has left us another of those moments in which we can only laugh at professionals. In this case, two players of Cloud 9 were completed. Fudge, unusual in the compilations of professionals’ errors, joined a regular suspect to star in an alternative version of “catastrophic seconds”. In it we see how the now Mid Lanner is wrong, throwing the E (Ray of Death) of Viktor in the opposite way for the Jungle to complete it with a failed combo of Lee without that only serves to finish with his own life.

As much as we see it, it is almost impossible to understand the chain of failures that took place in the play and it is much easier to get in the situation of the excompa├▒ers of these players. Professionals such as Doublelift or Sneaky who were retransmitting the match corresponding to the LCS playoffs showed their startle with the sperm starring the cloud players 9. Specially outstanding is the fault blaberd . The truth is that he is a skillful player and this is demonstrated by the record of him, but also a usual one in the compilations of errors of the professional players of League of Legends.

Despite this situation, you have to say in favor of both players who knew how to recover properly. They could easily win the game and they did not have a bad individual performance if we discontinued this error. However, this type of faults are from those who spend invoice before the great rivals and that no team would forgive in the final rounds of the next MSI, the next international event of League of Legends who will still have to be classified by winning their next three best of five.

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