Who transmits the Tour de France live and in the stream?

Sporta, the sports rights agency of ARD and ZDF, could communicate with the Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) about a corresponding agreement. The ARD will make a daily live broadcast at the Tour de France (1 to 24 July 2022).

Monday to Friday, the transmission times are usually 16:05 to 17:25, on the weekends and with mountain stages more extensive reported.

In addition, ONE sends the Tour de France 2022 daily for half an hour after the start of the stages start live until the beginning of the transfers in the first. SportSchau.de and the ARD Media Center offer all stages completely in the LiveStream throughout the time. Federator within the ARD for the Tour de France remains the Saarland broadcasting.

“The cycling and the Saarland broadcasting are associated with a long tradition. Therefore, we are very pleased, too this year the ARD lead for the Tour de France of the men, the newly launched Tour de France of women as well as for Germany tour take over, “says Martin Grasmück, director of Saarland broadcasting”

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In addition to the ARD, EuroSport is also an option for the TV viewer. The sportsender has been comprehensively reporting on the major event from France for years.

Where is the tour of the women and the Germany tour?

In addition, the ARD has acquired comprehensive live streaming and recycling rights at the Tour de France of women 2022 (24.-31. July 2022) and together with the ZDF live broadcasting rights for Germany tour.

At the bike race, which takes place from the 24th to 28th August 2022 on different routes in Germany, the Ard live on the first stage of Weimar according to Mumigen as well as the third stage of Freiburg to Schauinsland. The ZDF sends live from the second race day (Meiningen – Marburg) and from the final stage of Schiltau to Stuttgart.

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